London is a complex city. Finding the do’s and don’ts that come alongside a trip to the UK capital is like sifting through a library’s worth of rules and regulations. This can be quite daunting for a first timer in the city, especially when you take into account that London has been an established city for almost two thousand years and that the outer city limits stretch into the heart of the Essex countryside. QQuit ehte history and distance to cover then! For those looking for a way to navigate and understand the city better, here are a few tips which might make our quirky Britishisms a little easier to understand and your stay at the Montcalm at the Brewery London City Hotel even more fun.

rush in london

Don’t get the bus at rush hour

London is one of the financial hubs of Europe. This means that there are thousands upon thousands of inner city workers, especially when the tourist and retail industry are taken itno account. What does this mean for holiday makers though? Betwene the hours of 5pm and 7pm and 8am and 10am you can expect grinding inner city road congestion and underground carriages crammed with commuters. What’s more, the underground fares are upped between these peak hours, making off peak travel more affordable and enjoyable.

Don’t try and take the tube after half past midnight on a weekday

Tubes in London stop before 1pm, meaning that you must make alternative travel plans if you find yourself burning the midnight candle. Fear not however, there are plenty of night buses which run regularly throughout the city, as well as all night taxi services. On top of this weekend’s see the introduction of the 24 hour the service on some lines.

Don’t underestimate the Barclays Bike

An alternative method of transport in London is the eco-friendly Barclays or “Boris Bike”. With the introduction of an extensive cycle highway, you can be sure to find a range of scenic routes back home and for a great value price which beats any other London transport.


Don’t forget to order at the bar

When at one of the trademark Pubs of London you can expect a lot of things including rich history of tradition, live music and a wider selection of beverages than grains of sand on a beach. What you can’t expect however, is table service. Pubs and bars in the UK have you order at the bar, whether it is for food or refreshing ale. So if you don’t want to feel the hanger pangs as the evening draws on, make sure your food is ordered in person.

Don’t mix up the British Museum and the Museum of London

London is well known for its collage of museums and art galleries. With such an abundance of attractions it can be easy to mix some of them up. Whether you’re in London for the museums or the nightlife, you’ll most likely have heard of the British Museum and the Museum of London. Whilst you’d be forgiven for mistaking the two, if you do you’ll have rather different experiences. The Museum of London takes a focus on London from prehistoric times to the modern day whilst the British Museum celebrates archaeology from across the world.