London is well known for its plethora of attractions. Ranging from historical sites to some of the best restaurants and shopping experiences in the world, you can be sure to find hundreds of ways to spend your holiday at your Accommodation near Brewery Road London City. One attraction during your holiday which you wouldn’t associate with London is the theme parks in and around the city. As a great way to spend the day for adults and children alike, theme parks can bring joy, adrenaline and wonder to the days of visitors and may very well become one of the favourite parts of your holiday.

Legoland Windsor

Based just outside of London in the beautiful Windsor area, Legoland is a theme park which is suited for children and adults who are truly young at heart. Inspired by the creative children’s toy, Legoland is jam packed with rides including the terrifying “Dragon Knight” taking you on an adrenaline fuelled flight with a giant lego dragon! What’s more, Pirate Falls acts as a tongue in cheek ake on Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, taking you through pirate infested waters towards a riveting and water soaked climax. Legoland is a great day out, especially for fans of the toy and those who want a quirkily charming take on the modern day theme park.

thorpe park

Thorpe Park

Thrope Park is known for its award winning and record breaking roller coasters and is definitely a theme park suited to the adrenaline junkies among London tourists. Here you can find well known rides such as “X No Way Out” which takes riders backwards through a dizzying pyramid and the Colossus, made up of ten inversions. With a huge range of attractions which cater to all ages, this theme park is still a more daring experience than other theme parks on this list.

The London Dungeon

Not a theme park per se, but a London attraction which includes rides in its exploration of the grisly history of the city. Take the interactive tour with trained actors through the Victorian murders of Jack the Ripper to a boat ride depicting the tyrannous reign of Henry VIII. On top of this, take the plunge with the hangman on the “drop ride to doom”.

Chessington World of Adventures

Based 19 kilometres south-west of London, Chessington World of Adventures is one of the most popular theme parks around the city, boasting a magnificent 33 rides, 4 of which are heart stopping roller coasters, the ten themed areas of the theme park bring a different yet equally vibrant atmosphere to the multi-faceted park. Whether it’s a vampire themed roller coast you’re looking for or the dizzying Kobra, you won’t be short of fun in Chessington World of Adventures.

The Sea Life Centre

Based on South Bank, the London Aquarium is part of the Sea Life group. Fish loving visitors can explore and learn about the amazing sea life on display whilst kids get a chance to feel a rock pool.