Moorgate Attractions


Moorgate is one of the premier places to stay for travellers on either business or pleasure. The ideal location places you within easy tube, or a short walk, of the financial districts of the City of London and the tourist destinations like St Paul’s or the Tower of London.  The area also has many attractions of its own to keep you occupied if you are staying in the area. If you are looking for things to fill your schedule while visiting London, here is a miniature ‘travel guide to Moorgate Underground station’, to give you some tips on what to do.

Barbican Art Gallery

The Barbican is internationally renowned as one of London’s top galleries; with everything from theatre to dance to art.There are must-see exhibitions by celebrated architects, amazing pieces by Turner prize winners, famous photographers, and many more incredible works of art. There is a lot of fascinating things to see and all within an easy four minutes’ walk from the Moorgate tube station.

Millennium Bridge

Walking across the Millennium Bridge strolling around the Thames is a fantastic way to spend a free afternoon. This strikingly designed bridge is just 14 minutes’ walk from the Moorgate tube station and it is a very pretty walk past St Paul’s Cathedral and Postman’s Park as you go. Once you arrive you are treated to impressive views of London’s skylines and, just across the bridge, you can visit the incredible Tate Modern or the historic Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. If you are looking for a fun way to get your exercise in London, a pleasant walk through some of the great sites would be perfect.

Luxury Hotels

Moorgate can boast some of the best 5 star hotels in London with many of the greatest names in accommodation seeking to take advantage of the superb location. Whether you are looking for a place to stay, or simply seeking a top-notch restaurant, The Montcalm Hotel At The Brewery London City should be your first point of call.

Bank of England Museum

The Bank of England museum is a fascinating study in the history English money and the storied past of the nation’s central bank. Just a five minute walk from the Moorgate tube station, the Bank of England Museum resides in classical and imposing building appropriate to its great heritage. You can view everything from gold bars, old and new; coins through the ages; and a unique collection of bank notes. Learn about fascinating elements of the banking world like note design and production, live information on stocks, securities and foreign currency. Pikes and muskets once used to defend the bank are also on display and highlights the storied nature of the Bank of England’s past. It is a fascinating look into the long history of banking and, through that lens, the incredible story that is England.