Most Desirable Shopping Hubs


London has the reputation of being one of the most desirable shopping hubs of the world. The fashion streets of London, the Oxford Street, Reagent Street and Bond Street have some of the top international designer brands and labels. The gigantic shopping arcades such as the Harrods offer so many impressive collections and quality products that no matter how much you resist yourself, you will end up buying the stuff for either yourself or your loved ones.

If you are planning to be in London soon in future with some shopping plans; book your stay at some central London hotel like The Montcalm London City At The Brewery Hotel to assure easy access to and from the major shopping hubs in the lovely city. These powerful stores are not just a place from where go and simply shop for clothes or accessories. They have their shares of interesting histories behind them. Some of them are in existence from the last 150 years or so. From time to time these stores celebrate their success and glory by offering irresistible discounts or by organizing amazing exhibitions or galas where anyone can participate.

One such amazing event which is the talk of the town right now is the Big British Bang at Selfridges, which is one of the best departmental stores of London. The occasion is the popular store’s Diamond Jubilee. You can come and visit the exquisite Britannica 1951-1953 Fashion Exhibition or be a part of the Big British Tea Party on the roof of the store. Besides the exhibition and the tea party, you can register yourself for a round of crazy golf session. The golf course is created at the roof top only by the food sculptors, Bompas and Parr who have somehow managed to bring together some 200 cypress trees. Head to this crazy gala and have an amazing time which you will never forget.