Movies show London well, but nothing compares to being in the city in person


Love actually, Notting hill and Bridget Jones are amongst the top three films that attract tourist to come to London, they show the beauty of the city in more ways than one, they allow for you to almost feel as though you want to be a part of what is happening on screen, visiting Portabella Road, the numerous sights that Love Actually displays and the whole social scene that can be witnessed through Bridget Jones. All of the films reflect of true London life and real people, the scenes and the surroundings are perfect, and to be able to walk the same streets, experience the same bars and be able to explore London with fantasy eyes is an amazing experience. Although, if you are not looking for the love and the social aspect that the films reflect on, then A Kings Speech will allow for you to look at the more true events what occurred, as well as being able to see the parks in a royal setting, the same parks that are now open to the public to be able to enjoy, obtaining a little history and then exploring the museums can be full filling.

Now, something for the men, one word, Bond! Need I say anymore? For men who love an action movie, James Bond to be specific, there is no question in my mind that you have stood on the bridge looked at the building and envisaged yourself speed boating up the Thames. James Bond is always going to be a film that attracts not only men but women to London, so many films, and so many shots of London, you can get a feel of the beauty, the history and see the changes before your eyes on screen.

If a film can inspire you to visit London, then you should definitely be making reservations to go and book a comfortable stay at The Montcalm London City The Brewery Hotel. Real things are million times better than what you witness on screen. You can only see what is being portrayed in front of you, were as with visiting you can see everything for yourself, get a sense of the greatness as well as being able to absorb the atmosphere.