New Year’s celebration in East London


The New Year’s is a time that’s full of festivity and celebration, marking the end of the year in fabulous style. But what if you can’t exactly make it to London for New Year’s Eve?

With the Montcalm at the Brewery London City, accommodation near Brewery Road London city, guests can experience the delightful advantages of a luxury stay close to the fireworks display taking place around central London. Streets will be adorned with decorations, and the festive spirit will be booming during the start of the year, so if you want to visit during the peak time in London, then January is your best bet.

New Year Fireworks
Other things to do in the city during this period include: going to one of the series of nightclubs or bars, taking a dinner cruise down the Thames, or enjoying one of the dazzling West End shows. If you’re visiting with children, then you’ll be glad to know that some West End theatres cater to family audiences. For those who are particularly enamoured by the idea of enjoying ice skating, there will be plenty of options. That includes the Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink, the National History Museum Ice Rink, and the Ice rink in Canary Wharf.  Hotels near Moorgate are close to all these attractions.

Exploring East London

If you’re visiting London this year, then you absolutely must experience the exciting attractions around this time of year. Whether it’s the Ice Rinks, Winter Wonderland, or a River Thames cruise – there’s a sizzling amount of passion in the air around the New Years.  If for any reason you can’t manage to do make it on time for New Year’s Eve, then still enjoy the attractions you would have otherwise.

London Fireworks
In the end, you’ll be glad you made a choice to visit London. Whether that’s in January or February. The good thing about the New Year’s celebrations is that the positivity from them ensues into the rest of the year. And with that, you can come here feeling like you haven’t missed out- because the dazzling attractions will still all be there waiting,