Our Partnership with Green Tourism


The Montcalm at the Brewery London City is proud to announce that it has received a Bronze Award from Green Tourism – a non-profit dedicated to improving the environment. The organization represents a huge part of the sustainability efforts that are presently being carried out in the hospitality industry. They encourage small, medium, and large enterprises to minimize their energy costs, reduce their water consumption, and improve their ethical code. Enterprises can take steps that include adding general recycling systems, using low energy lighting bulbs, and purchasing fair trade ingredients. We’ve implemented all these practices at The Montcalm and look forward to doing more. In short, Green Tourism has finally helped create a national sustainability standard that we can look up to, and implement.

Naturally, we welcome our association with Green Tourism. With their help we’ve been able to reduce our operating costs, and show that we care about more than just our line of work. After all, a business has to take pride in the needs of the environment, neighbouring businesses, local residents, visitors, and the whole community. Additionally, customers today are more conscious about how their choices influence their environment. They take pride in being able to stay at an accommodation that for instance, not only provides what it promises in terms of bespoke service and luxury, but also delivers an ethical standard across the board. Our connection to Green Tourism will inspire us to provide more than expected, while gradually and continually improving our environmental standards in the coming years.

The benefits of sustainable tourism are clear. The carbon footprint of each hotel is significantly reduced, supporting worldwide efforts to reduce pollution. Businesses save costs meaning they can provide better service. Landfill waste is significantly reduced. Business today is about more than simply providing the service you’re meant to provide. Having an internationally recognized validation of our sustainable efforts has helped us gain from confidence from customers in both the leisure and corporate sectors. By bringing in more customers, we’re able to better understand the diverse needs of different tourists from all over the world.

While the benefits of tourism are clear in the sense that they provide the host country increased trade, experiences worth remembering for tourists, and a whole sector that provides endless jobs in the travel economy, there are negative effects too. Sometimes, the amount of visitors can provide a strain on resources, and an increased possibility of deforestation and naturally – an endangering of wildlife species in the country.

This represents the existential tourism paradox. It lies directly between the need to provide benefits for travellers with the most benefits, while not putting undue strain on the environment. Green tourism encourages businesses in the travel industry to meet the perfect balance between both. This is why we whole heatedly appreciate our new partnership with Green Tourism. Our improvements in our working practices will help us encourage the industry to change its standards, and provide diverse benefits to numerous businesses, the supply chain, and the community as whole.