Overcoming language barriers in London

language barriers

When you’re visiting a new destination, you want to make yourself feel comfortable. But, that can be difficult due to the nature of your new environment. You no longer see the same streets and little shops you’ve been used to, you don’t see the same people, and sometimes you don’t even speak the same language as the inhabitants. Here we’ll explore on ideas on how you can not seem like a tips on not looking like a tourist in London. We’ll also look at how you can communicate clearly, despite your broken English. Some find it easy to read, listen and understand English. But when it comes to speaking, newcomers find some difficulty.

Use your body

When your verbal communication isn’t as clear as it can be, you’ll want to accentuate your mannerisms so your point can come across. Now likely, this won’t always be needed. But sometimes you might just struggle to find that extra word you’re looking for. In that case, think of an alternative mixture of the words that resembles the idea you’re trying to project and use your hands to express what you mean. And if that fails to work, sometimes just saying what you want in your native language might get your idea across.

Be open minded

Sometimes people have difficulty communicating with people because they see them as different. In reality, despite our cultural and ethnic differences, people largely all want the same things. To be happy, and to live well. Having this in mind, keeps things in perspective when you’re talking to a stranger – despite the many differences you may have. Adopting this frame of mind will allow you to be more open with new people, and enable you to speak with greater ease. Sometimes its not that our grasp of the language that isn’t great – it’s just that we don’t feel completely comfortable.

Use your Smartphone to your advantage

With Montcalm Brewery Hotel London you can stay in London for less than you might expect. While the city is known to be expensive, booking your accommodation far in advance along with your flight will reduce costs. There are many Smartphone apps that scour the web for the latest deals. And on that topic, smartphones can be used as a handy tool for translation on the go. Often times, we really want to know what that word is, but it escapes our mind! With apps such as Google Translate, you can know quickly translate what you want to say in an instant.

In summing, by using the tips we’ve provided above, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your stay in London. Sometimes, you have to jump through a few hoops to enjoy your new city – but in the end, it’s all worth it.