Points to remember before you go navigating the streets of Rome


Rome is the ancient city holding a special place in the world history for its culture and activity. It has the world’s single existing separate independent city within its boundary, Vatican City. This global city of the today’s time stands as the 3rd most visited European city and 18th most visited city in the world. Its strong connectivity with the ancient culture has made it as the eternal city of the world. The history of this place goes back as early as more than two thousand five hundred years back.

The presence of countless tourists all over the year and the historic values of the city has made the engagement of several guided walking tours among its popular places. It is considered as the place of the magical streets. So here is a guide to have a comfortable and safe walk during your visit.

1. Find a city map:
City maps are one of the important item which need to be acquired before starting your walk.one may think of availing map application available in phones. This can be used during the tour also. Sometimes, the maps provided in the app are not true. But the paper map is always handy which has minimum errors.

2. Mark the major landmarks you want to cover
There are huge number of landmarks to cover in the Rome city. Such strong historical background provides an array of destinations. So, mark the ones which can be done within a day. See if they are connected easily with other landmarks of the city or not.

3. Decide your condition of walking
Walking means engaging an amount of activity. Those with walking problems or knee related problems, must avoid taking this tour.

4. Check the street names carved on stone tablets
The street names are carved on the stone tablets. They are not on the post. So check the names at all the crossings before going into the wrong street or road. If possible ask someone around you if you have an idea about Italian language.

5. Hire an expert guide
There are expert guides offering guided walking tours around the city. One must hire someone who has experience and knowledge about the city’s strong culture and background.

6. Ask them about the places
All the guided tours start at a fixed point and ends at a certain point also. All the sightings in between the places are being covered by the tour guides. So, know the places, they are taking you.

7. Know the valued history of the landmarks
Do not compensate yourself by savouring the beauty of the landmarks only. Instead get to know about the strong history of them. It makes you familiar with the culture of this city which makes it dear to many.

8. Keep the address of your accommodation along with you
Do not forget to carry the place you are staying during your visit. If possible carry the card of the hotel before you are lost in the city.