Recipe for a Successful Group Travel


Many people like to travel solo but they are vastly outnumbered by those who prefer to travel in a group. However, group travel has its own pitfalls that can be avoided if planned correctly and with a bit of understanding, co-operation and sacrifice from everyone concerned. Basically, group travel can only be successful if it is planned meticulously and correctly. There is no room for any slip-ups in organising such a travel because it will affect all the members of the group and will lead to bitterness, dis-satisfaction and bickering. However, if everything is well-organised, group travel can be a lot of fun and economical. If you are planning to go to London, you can avail of many London hotel deals if you do bulk booking. In order that the group travel is successful, it is essential to take care of the following aspects.

Have an Open Discussion with All Interested Members
Since it is important that the views of all members of the group should be considered to finalise the various aspects of the group adventure, it is necessary to organise a public forum where the basic details and all features are discussed and a consensus is derived in the best way possible, keeping in view the opinions of all the members. It does become difficult at times to please everyone but with a little give and take, the decision making process will proceed smoothly. The first step will be to finalise the travel destination and thereafter other aspects such as transport, accommodation and planned activities can be discussed and finalised. If all these aspects are considered by everyone and agreed upon, there will be little chance of indignation or annoyance at a later stage and everyone will have a pleasant and enjoyable holiday.

Aim for Getting Group Discounts
Since travelling in a group attracts discounts in all aspects such as air travel, accommodation and local transportation, the group discussion will also help in finding the best possible discounts so that it becomes more economical for everyone. With so many people being part of the group, plenty of suggestions and contacts can found that will help in the process of getting discounts. These discounts are not only in the fields of transportation and accommodation but also in the entry fees of theme parks, museums and other attractions of the city. Moreover, buying bulk tickets will also eliminate the need to stand in long queues for the tickets.

In the field of accommodation, you can save a lot by hiring a holiday house or a villa as compared to hiring a large number of rooms in a hotel. Moreover, it will create a feeling of staying as a family instead of staying separately in different rooms of a hotel. Each member of the group can indulge in activities that interest him such as preparing food, serving cocktails, preparing the BBQ, buying groceries etc. Imagine the number of friends that you will make and the wonderful time that you will have staying together for a while. You can also consider staying in an apartment if you are visiting a city.

Flights and Transport
You can achieve considerable savings if you use a trip planning service to get cheaper fares for your bulk travel requirements.

Logistic Support
When you are travelling in a group, there will always be some member or the other who may have missed out filling of the departure form or any such mandatory requirement or someone else who has done a lot of shopping and his luggage is overweight. By being in a group, a few kilos extra weight with one person can always be balanced out by another person who may have less weight. It becomes easy to organise all aspects and the chances of individual tensions are reduced.

Make Your Planning Practical
It may sound great to make detailed plans for every aspect of a group travel but you must remember that your travel is basically for fun and enjoyment. Placing too many restrictions and trying to stick to detailed planning may mean losing all the fun element of travel. However much you may plan, certain things do go haywire and as such you should take a more practical approach to your travel plans. It is better to be less ambitious about trying to do a lot of things during your trip and let certain things take their own course.

Nip Indignations in the Bud
Even if all aspects have been discussed and finalised beforehand, something or the other can happen that may not be to the liking of a few people on the trip. All such indignations should be discussed immediately and all differences should be ironed out so that the trip can proceed in a happy and cordial environment.

Keep Your Individual Needs and Plans in Place
While travelling in a group, it is not necessary that all the members should stick together all the time. Each member may have his own likes and dislikes and the places he likes to visit or the things that he wants to do. As such, each person’s individual needs should be allowed to be fulfilled while everyone stays together in a broad framework. There is no need to sacrifice your needs and as such you should make a list of your own likes and break away from the group for a while if others do not wish to accompany you.

Have Fun
Since the main objective of the trip is to have fun, you must stay positive and have fun without getting too serious about anything. After all, after the trip you may not meet many members of the group ever in your life. So, make hay while the sun shines and enjoy the discounts.