Recipe of the week: Coconut and kaffir lime panna cotta with passion fruit pulp


Have you tried the sweet as well as extremely elegant dessert that offers some of the really very interesting tropical flavours? This rich and delicious dessert offers a nice tang of coconut especially when served with something that has a little acidic taste somewhat like passion fruit that perfectly balances the sweetness as well as cream.

The main ingredients that you’ll need are –

Panna cotta

Coconut cream – 350ml

Milk – 100ml

Sugar – 60g

Kaffir Lime Leaves – 4

Lemongrass – Half stalk

Split or scraped Vanilla pod – Half pod

Gelatine – 2 leaves

Passion fruit (fresh)

Ice Sugar (if you like)

Let’s see the quick directions to prepare this delicious dessert –
Bring all main ingredients together (except leaves of gelatine) in a pot and allow them to infuse. Start stirring the dissolved sugar and bloom the leaves of gelatine in slightly cold water and later, dissolve it inside the still hot mixture.

Now, start cooling down over the ice bowl till it gets thick. Then, set it in ramekins and it’s done!

For serving, you can dip ramekins in the hot water only for few seconds in order to allow it to melt a little bit. Slightly melted dessert gives an interesting taste.

Turn the dessert on a cold dessert plate. Don’t forget to add the fresh and well-scooped passion fruit pulps. Try this delicious dessert today and enjoy the amazing tropical flavours!

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