Secret Green Spaces To Catch Your Breath In London

Secret Green Spaces To Catch Your Breath In London

London is a busy and lively city, and it can really take it out of you if you don’t give yourself a chance to replenish your batteries. Thankfully, hotels near Moorgate London like the Montcalm give you peace and quiet in the form of comfortable bedrooms and luxurious amenities. Hiding away isn’t always the antidote to burn out though, and as a tourist or traveller in London, you’ll want to take every moment you have to enjoy the richness of the English capital. 

So if you’re on the hunt for a quiet spot to relax when out and about, the best place to try is the city’s many green spaces. Many of the Montcalm’s accommodation in London city are situated just a stone’s throw from gardens, parks and nature reserves, many of which are very popular indeed. But London is designated a green city, meaning that over 30% of it consists of publicly accessible green space. When you factor in the scale of London – more than 1500 square kilometres – it’s clear to see how many of the gardens, parks and squares can be overlooked in favour of landmarks and tourist hubs. 

This blog will explore some of the quieter spots in London for when guests of the Montcalm At The Brewery London City need a breather during their time in one of Europe’s busiest capitals.

St Dunstan’s In The East

Situated between London Bridge and the Tower of London, the history of St Dunstan’s In The East goes back centuries. This beautiful church had steeples and spires designed by Sir Christopher Wren but its history goes back far further than that. The church came to ruin after the Blitz of World War II and since then was left to become overgrown and dilapidated. Only in the 70s’ was the church redesigned into a public garden, retaining the structure of the old church but adding flower beds and creeping vines to the area. Located between the bustling commuter areas of London, the garden is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Isabella Plantation

Isabella Plantation

Deep within Richmond Park, already a breath of fresh air, is the beautiful Isabella Plantation. Developed from marshland and bogs in the 19th century, the Isabella Plantation offers a rewilded warren of beautiful rhododendrons and leafy woodland, springing into vibrant purples in the warmer seasons.

Nunhead Cemetery

Nunhead Cemetery

Nunhead Cemetery is a walled-in graveyard located in the bustling and trendy southeastern borough of Peckham. Visitors will find woodland trails leading past 19th century tombs and monuments towards a beautiful tree-framed view of St Paul’s Cathedral. Perfect for dog walking and for escaping Southeast London’s crowded markets and bars, Nunhead Cemetery is the perfect place to reflect and relax.

Abney Park Cemetery

Keeping on the subject of historic London cemeteries, Abney Park Cemetery is almost a parallel Nunhead Cemetery in its design but situated in the north east of the city, easily reachable from Montcalm Hotel deals accommodation. Hidden off the main road of Stoke Newington, the leafy greens and faded tombstones offer a tranquil walk through serene forest, whilst the remains of a gothic chapel sit within a large clearing in the cemetery’s centre. 

Postman’s Park

Famous for being a plot turning setting in Jude Law and Natalie Portman movie Closer, Postman’s Park is named for being the spot where inner-city postmen would take a break during their morning deliveries. Here visitors will find a roofed over wall plaque that commemorates 50 everyday heroes who gave their lives to save others in London. There’s also an app called The Everyday Heroes of Postman’s Park which provides even more context on the lives remembered here.

Phoenix Gardens

The foten hectic Charing Cross Road isn’t the first place you’d expect to find a hideaway garden, but Phoenix Garden is a volunteer run rewilded wonderland full of frogs, sparrows and shrublands. For street food and coffee, the nearby St GIles In The Fields church offers perfect stop offs for your lunch break or refuel. 

Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill is situated close to Nunhead Cemetery and is a popular local spot during the summer months. That being said, there’s plenty of space for visitors to picnic and relax, especially on the titular hill from which you’ll find some of the best views of Central London in the borough of Southwark.

Wanstead Flats

Head due east and eventually you’ll hit the borough of Wanstead, where the southernmost portion of Epping Forest lies. Though you’d be hard pressed to call the Wanstead Flats a forest, much of it consists of fields and scrubland that have a quiet, empty atmosphere to them that is perfect for summertime walks and to get some peace and quiet. The whole area spans an expansive 334 acres, plenty of space for solo walks and picnics.

Hampstead Hill Garden And Pergola

Hampstead Hill is situated on the western side of Hampstead Heath and is hidden away from the weekend picnickers who often miss the peaceful spot. Built by Lord Leverhulme, a businessman, politician and philanthropist in the early 20th century as a place to host his lavish garden parties, Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola comes equipped with elevated walkways, flower beds and hanging canopies, all lovingly preserved as insight into Hampstead’s Edwardian history. 

Kyoto Garden

One of Notting Hill’s most relaxed settings, Kyoto Garden is designed to reflect the landscaping sensibilities of Japan, equipping Holland Park with a rock pool, koi carp fish and even peacocks. It’s especially designed to create an atmosphere of serenity, so drink it in and take a seat.

Walled Garden Of Brockwell Park

Brockwell Park is a popular summer spot for South Londoners and Brixton tourists, but the walled garden is easily missed. Created and maintained by volunteer conservationists, the walled garden is a mish mash of stone pathways, rewilded shrubbery and flowers and even a bubbling fountain. With plenty of hidden away benches to enjoy the views, Brockwell Park’s Walled Garden is a sanctuary for the stressed.