September In London: What’s On?

September In London

One of the best things about visiting London is the sheer variety of entertainment and events on offer. Whether you’re eager to see a great concert, a new exhibition or visit the latest incredible interactive experiences in Britain’s capital, there’s always something exciting happening.

This September looks set to be no different – here’s a quick roundup of what to expect…

Jeff Wall

White Cube Gallery / Until 7th September 2019

Starting the month’s entertainment, this photographic exhibition showcases a selection of stunningly-staged pieces, which tell true stories captured by Wall’s camera.

Immersive and exciting, there’s lots to get lost in here during the first week of September.

‘Dog Show’

Southwark Park Galleries / Until 8th September 2019

Britain is noted as a nation of dog lovers, and this contemporary art show takes a closer look at dog-themed art from the modern world. Perfect for even the most casual of canine fans, there’s plenty to discover here, making a visit to the Bermondsey venue a must-see in early September.

Dog Show

London Design Festival

Various locations / 14th – 22nd September 2019

With pop-up events throughout the city, this annual design festival showcases the very best of London’s design scene.

It’s been a feature of September’s event schedule ever since first launching in 2003, and provides the ideal way for fans of everything from art to architecture to engage with exciting new work. Visitors to the festival can expect to be kept entertainThised with a range of exhibitions, installations and major events all over the city, including a mixture of both major museums and small-scale venues.

Some of the biggest events will be taking place at the V&A, where visitors will have a chance to take part in workshops, tours and activities.

Open House London

Various locations / 21st – 22nd September 2019

A free festival dedicated to showcasing the very best of London’s architecture, Open House London gives visitors a unique way to see many of the city’s most iconic spaces.

This year’s theme focuses on the social side of housing and architecture, and while the complete list of open spaces has yet to be announced, visitors can expect everything from housing estates to co-working spaces to be opening their doors.

The event only lasts for two days, but there’ll be hundreds of buildings to explore during that time, making it ideal for a leisurely browse.

Emerge Festival

Various locations / 27th – 29th September 2019

This festival provides two days of soirees, performances and events, taking place after hours at the great museums of London. Ideal for guests at accommodation in London City who are eager to see a different side of the city after dark, this is a great opportunity to escape the crowds and experience museum culture in a whole new light.

One ticket ensures you have access to all of the venues taking part, and there’s 30 to choose from – so you’ll have no problem staying entertained! We recommend mapping your visits as much as possible, given the sheer variety of what’s on offer – everything from pop-up gin bars to Regency-era parties.

Music Festival

Felix Vallotton

Royal Academy of Arts / Until 29th September 2019

This hotly anticipated art show focuses on the work of Swiss-French artist Felix Vallotton, who created a huge number of woodcuts and paintings during his lifetime. One of the major elements of the work is their reminiscence to Japanese artwork, giving a modern twist to each piece which belies the real dates they were created (primarily in the late 1800s).

Whether you’re an established art fan or simply want to try something new, this would make a fantastic addition to any stay at Montcalm at the Brewery.

Helene Schjerfbeck

Royal Academy of Arts / Until 27th October 2019

A Finnish artist who has not yet gained significant recognition, Helene Schjerbeck is nonetheless a figure on the rise, whose work used a variety of different traditional methods to craft self-portraits and pictures of friends and relatives which still have great appeal to this day.

If you’re eager to see a lesser-known artistic figure who is sure to become much better known, this is a great chance to do just that.

Olafur Eliasson

Tate Modern / Until 5th January 2020

The Tate Modern is world-renowned as a home for the best modern art, and this show helps prove the source of that reputation. A Danish-Icelandic artist known for large scale works, Eliasson last exhibited at the Tate Modern in 2003, and this time the exhibit will feature over 40 pieces which span his career.

Expect installations and huge artworks, as well as pieces inspired by the natural world. There’s a certain quirkiness to the items which will prove particularly popular with creatively-minded guests at accommodation in London City.

Mark Leckey

Tate Britain / 24th September 2019 – 5th January 2019

As a recipient of the Turner Prize, Mark Leckey has a strong following in the international art community. This new exhibition begins in September and offers plenty of incredible finds which centre around a full-scale replica of the motorway bridge which Leckey himself grew up nearby.

Using immersive audio, Leckey uses this setting as the centre for a play about ‘changelings’ and fairies, which adds a touch of magic to an already impressive body of work.


Totally Thames

Various locations / Throughout September

The Totally Thames festival celebrates all things to do with London’s famous waterway, including lots of great concerts, Thames-themed art displays and history walks throughout the city.

As one of the most iconic sights London has to offer, it feels fitting that the Thames should receive its own festival. If you’re visiting this month, then heading to some of the events on offer provides a gateway to understanding more about how the city first formed around the river.

Now in its fifth year, some of the key events include boat races and pop-ups live events. A full schedule will be released close to early September.