Shakespeare’s Globe


London was home to the great writer William Shakespeare. He penned down some plays and poems that not only entertain the reader but also take them to a world different to theirs. Haven’t you dreamt of being able to watch Shakespeare’s plays where he enacted them? If you have then now you can live your dream. The Globe was a theater where Shakespeare performed his plays and today the theater is open to all the tourists.

The Globe was reconstructed by the late actor and director Sam Wanamaker. He died a day before the theater was unveiled in the year 1997. The tourist are offered tours of  the open-roofed theater, constructed in the image of the original theater with oak beans, handmade bricks lime plaster and thatch to give it an authentic look. There is an exhibition about Shakespeare and his times.  Plays are performed at the theater from April to October and most of the plays enacted are the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. There are a few modern plays that are housed in the theater sometimes.

The seats are available at low rates like 5 Euros, 15 Euros and 35 Euros. The theater has no roof thus if it rains or there is a strong wind going on you will not have any protection from it and you may also have to stand but the whole experience will be so fulfilling that these things won’t matter.

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