Skip the Royal Palace, London Has A Lot More to Offer

Buckingham Palace

You might initially feel reluctant to visit London in the summer, especially when that might mean missing out on water sports or a day lazing around the beaches of Ibiza. But – rest assured – it’s very easy to be convinced of the (not-so) radical notion that vacationing in London can be just as exciting, even without the ocean. We’d even argue that London is the better option.

There’s more to this grand European city than Harrods, Big Ben and high tea at noon. In fact, there are multiple exciting and unusual places to visit in London this summer!

Don’t forget about wellness on your trip.

Staying healthy while traveling can be difficult, especially when you consider the big crowds and potential jet lag you might face. Fortunately, the Montcalm Hotel at the Brewery London City has a state of the art wellness center and use is included with your stay. It’s all a part of the experience when staying at the hotel!

Instead of exhausting yourself with back-to-back tours, why not take some time for yourself? Sign-up for in-room workouts including relaxing techniques for meditation or join a guided yoga sessions on weekday mornings.

Unusual eats in London

It can be challenging to find great restaurants while trying to avoid tourist traps as well as overpriced hot spots. It should really become a professional sport!

We’ve found that asking a local is always the best solution when it comes to finding unusual, delicious, and affordable meals. Check out Sixty One restaurant for a casual dining experience offering modern European food.

It’s a unique experience for lunch or dinner in the center of London and the service is always reliable.

Enjoy a kayaking trip down the Thames

If you head down to the river, you can partake in a different type of sightseeing tour.

You will have the option to pick from a few different routes, all of which you paddle through, making it a fun activity for both children and adults. Some of the routes will allow you to take a quick break and have a meal.

It really is an attraction you don’t want to miss out on this summer!

Check into trapeze school

Head on over to the north-west side of Regent’s Park to learn acrobatic tricks. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional!

If you like new experiences, this is sure to measure up to your adventurous needs. In one two-hour session, you’ll get a crash course in some of the tricks you’ve seen in circuses and shows, all taught by acrobat experts.

Drink tea at a 300-year-old shop

While – no – high tea at noon isn’t exactly an unusual way to spend your holiday in London, drinking tea at the Twinings Café on the Strand certainly is.

This is because it opened a whopping 300 years ago in 1706, when he cult tea brand was a pioneer in bringing tea to the UK. Even if you’re here at a conference living in a business hotel in London, this is a great activity.

London is so much more than the Royal Palace. As you can see, it’s a city filled with exciting opportunities for adventure. Don’t miss out on these unusual places if you’re heading to the city this summer.