So many sights for many different interests.


London has so many different attractions and sights for you to see, there is so much for tourist to get their teeth into here, and one of the best things is, there is something for everyone. When it comes to visiting the capital city you should be able to expect variety, especially with the history that is laced here, and the monarch that remains resident in the capital. I have put together a list of the top five attractions for you to visit whilst in London,  have done three different categories; learning and educational, fun and excitement and finally the top five tips for a relaxing break in the city.

Visit London compiled a list of the top ten attractions for you to experience whilst in London, here are five examples from the list;

•Victoria & Albert Museum
•Tower of London
•Science Museum
•Tate Modern
•National Gallery

If you are looking for a little culture and fun learning whilst in London you will be in for a treat. With so many other museums and galleries also available for you to visit you will be spoilt for choice and not be short of places to visit. The museums and galleries are more often than not free for you to enter, they offer a full day of fun and learning, not only for you but for children also. There are so many interactive areas for the children to become involved.

As mentioned, there are many different attractions for you to enjoy, and if you are looking for something a little more fun and exciting then you should look at some of the top 30 attractions according to Trip Advisor, even though they have compiled a list of 30, I have taken 5 top fun attractions for you to get involved with;

•The London Eye
•A Thames Cruise
•Oxford Street Shopping Experience
•A meal and view from The Shard
•World Famous West End

Each of these attractions will give you a memorable experience, they will allow for you to see London at its best, but to avoid disappointment I would recommend that you make reservations in advance.

Here are my top 5 London activities when it comes to London, if you want to relax then this is an essential list for you to remember, everything is luxury, comfortable and relaxing from accommodation to being out in the open;

Luxury Hotel Suites in London
•Afternoon Tea
•5* Restaurant
•Spa Day
•Hyde Park

This has to be my perfect weekend, spending time being able to open my mind and body and taking a stroll through Hyde Park is always a pleasurable experience.

One of the most attractive things about London is that you are able to go and enjoy your experiences no matter what time of year or the weather conditions. There is always something for you to enjoy, in the spring and summer you have the beauty of the new parks, gardens and nature coming to life, the warmth in the air and the cold lifting, in the autumn and winter you can expect a cold chill to be lining the air, winter wonderland comes to life in Hyde Park and London lights up for New Year celebrations.

No Capital city experience would be complete without a little retail therapy. London excels when it comes to shopping, not only is it famous for Oxford Street and the department stores, but also there are many shopping centres like West Field and Blue Waters. Some of the largest indoor shopping centres in the UK are located here. You are hoping to find something a little ‘different and unique’ then you should seek out some of the hidden gems that are dotted about. Some of the small independent shops that are located in London, around Oxford Street. Many treasures and gems are found in these little shops and boutiques.

Once you have finished shopping, relaxing, dining and enjoying yourself you are going to want to return to a spacious and comfortable room, choosing hotel suites in London are sometimes the better option, especially if you are traveling with more than one person, having space in the city is a luxury and if your party is looking to have a luxury weekend away then a suite is definitely the right choice for you. Not only are the suites a good option for friends to share together but if you are travelling with the family, children need space and being cooked up in a crammed room isn’t always the most practical of choices.