Spending your Sunday in London


If you’re planning on visiting London for the weekend, we’ve got a whole list of things to do on a Sunday. The city’s transport network is less busy on this day, and there’s a sense of calm about London that’s not ordinarily experienced on the other days of the week. Naturally, it’s a fitting day for tourists and visitors to the capital to explore the nature parks, the museums, and the many other attractions found in the city. Here, we’ll take a look at the number of things you can do on a lazy Sunday in London.

With the central London hotels, and the free museums in London, you can have a stay in the city for less. Your holiday or business trip to the capital doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Although London is known as one of the most opulent, expensive cities in the world, the free museums and galleries make a day out in the capital cheap. Besides that, the luxury Accommodation near Brewery Road London City tend to provide package deals that include spa days and more .

Once you’re out and about in the streets of London on a Sunday morning, we first recommend you take a trip to Primrose Hill. From there, you’ll be able to get a fantastic view of London’s Skyline. Besides, the hill is a delightful spot from which to enjoy a picnic with family and friends, depending on the weather of course. From Primrose hill, you can whisk yourself down to Regents Park, and London Zoo. Both these spots are great for tourists looking to get a taste of nature in the central area of London.

Exploring Shoreditch London

We also recommend you head down over to East London and see some of the street art on show. You can either take a guided tour, or you can simply walk over there yourself. Some of the places in East London include Shoreditch and Brick Lane – and their stark differences with central London are what make them worth visiting. Besides, the arts have a greater influence, and Shoreditch has become the emerging tech town in London. At the Brick Lane market, you can get a taste of a whole range of ethnic foods, including real Indian curries.

In essence, Sunday is just like any other day of the week in London. All the stores and restaurants are open, but yet everything is slightly less busy than usual. Tourists should make use of the day any way they can, and we recommend they do that by visiting Regents Park, Primrose Hill, and the street art on show in the East end. Activities and fun adventures should be perhaps reserved for the other days of the week.