Stay calm with these 8 easy steps


At some points in our lives we all need to take a step back and calm down for a minute or two, there are many different exercise on the internet that we can all take part in, there are different classes at the gym that we could book, there are meditation exercises and breathing techniques that we can all practice. Everyone has something different to throw at you when you need to calm down, usually deep breathing is the most recommended. The thing about taking classes and doing physical exercising to calm down is that it’s not always convenient. Here are some of my favourite techniques to calming down and they can all be done as part of your everyday life.

Firstly, believe it or not but warming up your hands, now us English people we do enjoy a cup of tea, and when we have a problem or we are stressed out we are nearly always offered a ‘cuppa’ and remarkably it does calm us down, now is this because of the contents or because we have our hands wrapped around a hot mug? Warming hands soothe and relax the mind.
My second favourite technique is more of an essence, if you appreciate flowers and you love the smell and look then you should know that roses are a calming flower, pepper mint and sage are also wonderful for reducing anxiety, it is all about heightening your senses and being able to distract your brain and allowing for your natural senses to take over.

Now we all know full well that sleeping with our mobile phones turned on is one of the largest sleep breakers, we check the time, our emails, text messages and with social media being connected to our phones we never really switch them off, if you want to truly seep and relax then learn to turn off your mobile phone during the nights, this will enable you to have a deep and undisturbed sleep that will leave anyone feeling refreshed and relaxed in the morning.

Now this exercise has to be a winner by far, if possible when you are worked up take a bike ride through the park, see a little nature and allow for your mind and body to open up, some people like to bike ride, some people enjoy a walk, a run, a jog or just simply sitting and appreciating the beauty that nature has created for us, now being in the city this can be difficult sometimes, but if your anything like me you are never too far away from a nature’s beauty.

Sometimes if we are feeing down and we need a little shoulder, which at one point or another we have all needed, or we might just need someone to off load onto, solution to the problem is to ‘phone a friend’ we should all have someone who we can reply on, pick up the phone and scream down for 15 minutes, it is amazing how good this can feel, and if your friends are anything like mine, well they will not let you dwell for long, there’s either a funny story, experience or prank that has been played out to make anyone laugh again, a little light hearted friendly humour will brighten up anyone’s day.

Now if you’re not afraid to practice in public and you don’t mind making a little noise then you should defiantly try the motor boat, you know put your lips together and blow as though you’re a motor boat, scientist at Cambridge University have proven that this technique actually relaxed the face and has positive results when it comes to calming down, you might want to try it on your own before you start humming around the office.

Now here is one to reduce stress, it is simple to reduce stress reduce clutter, cleanse your home, put away anything unnecessary and live in a calming and relaxing environment, myself, like many others have a minimalistic design at home and within our bedrooms, open spaces open the minds, the less clutter and items you have around the less there is for the brain to take it and get over whelmed by, not only do many celebrities also take this on but it is scientifically proven to work and to be true. Cleanse the mind by cleansing the home.

Finally, we have all heard the saying ‘grin & bear it’ we often think fake a smile and no one will notice what is really happening or how we are feeling, there is some truth in this, although, if we smile, even when we are feeling gloomy, it won’t be long before we naturally feel like smiling, our faces relax and before we know it we are wearing a genuine smile which always makes the world seem a brighter place.

So now I have shared with you some of my ‘feel good’ and ‘keeping calm’ tips, try them for yourself and see how far you get, you will find your favourite out of the bunch, myself I like to swap and change depending on what I am feeling these work for me, see if they work for you, what are you going to lose by trying? Ok maybe a little dignity if you run around like a motor boat but the rest, they’re a breeze, or a walk in the park!