Street Art in London


London has gifted the mankind with several artists that very revolutionary and made a change. Writers, poets, actors and painters London was home to all kinds of artists and their work was applauded and encouraged.  Even today the streets of London are ruled by talented artists from London. If you are an artist yourself or have an interest in art then you should visit the streets in London where talented artists paint the world in their colors.

The 4th Plinth in Tafalgar Square has beautiful display of controversial modern art which will not only please you eyes but also muddle your mind. Banksy the guerilla artist in London paints the walls with some hard-hitting paintings with a funny side. Canary Wharf in London is a great place to visit with lots of greenery and cultural essence there are lots of temporary exhibitions and events you would want to be at. Spitalfeilds art installations are another place that will catch your interest the Public Art Programme there supports changing exhibitions and the art is mainly about the history of the place.

If you are a true art lover; east London is the best recommended place for you. This specific area of London including Shoreditch and Chiswell Street cover the major art galleries and public/street art creations in the city. If you are planning to be in London this fall book your stay in advance with The Montcalm London City The Brewery Hotel and be a part of this art hub in London.

Lewisham has a great display of art and some pieces are enthralling that leave you with the thirst for more. After viewing those great pieces of art you can buy some beautiful paintings at the Bayswater Road Artist’s Gallery on a Sunday as a souvenir from your visit.