Surviving London on a Budget


Let’s face it, London is expensive. The city is beautiful, big, fascinating, historical, and pricey. From the overpriced transport system to the overpriced beers, there is no doubt that London is best travelled when you’re feeling flush. However, with a few tricks you can spare yourself a lot of the worst of it and still get to experience much that London has to offer.

Walking or Biking

One of the biggest costs you face on a daily basis in London is transport. The Tube is not cheap, especially when compared to other cities in the world, and using it often will drain your funds much faster than you would expect.The best way to cut down on this is to walk or bicycle everywhere you can in London. The city is mostly flat, so if you are staying in central London hotels you will be able to easily walk to most of the places you wish to visit. Many tourists are so used to using the tube that they will go one stop along (a trip that will often take five minutes once you are done with the stairs and such, without realising the next stop is only five minutes’ walk down the road. Bicycles are available for hire quite cheaply around the city and will usually get you where you need to go at about the same speed as the bus network would.


The bus network in London is frankly awesome. It goes all over the city and, although it can be a bit slow, it gets you there pretty promptly. Frankly, if the bicycle option doesn’t take your fancy, the bus is by far the best way to get around. The slower speed isn’t a big bother when on holiday and being able to see London while you travel is infinitely preferable to the steel darkness of the Tube. Better yet, there is a special travel pass that will give you unlimited bus trips anywhere in the city, for a price far below what you would pay for the Tube.

Hotels and Hostels

Accommodation is another big cost that can hold you back while staying in London. Obviously it is preferable to stay somewhere in central London, but unfortunately these places tend to be the most expensive. I would recommend looking for London hotel deals for hotels in Holborn or Paddington. Both areas are easy walking distance of the city and tend to have some cheaper hotels or hostels available. There are also a lot of good options for couch surfing or room sharing available in London through various websites, though you have to be prepared to live a bit rough, and usually quite far outside the city. A better option could be the montcalm chiswell street hotel in London.

Museums and Galleries

London boasts some of the very best art galleries and museums in the world. The British Museum, the Tate Modern, the National Gallery; these names are world renowned for a reason. The best part though? They are all free. Many of the top museums in London are completely free of charge and allow you to look upon some of the great historical or cultural wonders of the world. If you ever find yourself low on cash and free for the evening, make sure you head to the nearest free museum in London.


A big expense in London for travellers is alcohol.  Many of the fun activities you get up to in London involve booze. This may be fun, but drinking in pubs is pretty expensive.Lucky for you, there are a couple of options to save you cash. The first is to keep an eye on happy hours; a half price drink or four can save you quite a bit of cash. The second is to seek out student bars; these are generally a lot cheaper, and they have a pretty great atmosphere. Finally, if you are drinking at home or in a park, be sure to buy from your nearest off license or supermarket. These will get you drinks at far below the pub average; a big saving in money.