Take a journey from London to Rome through a comfortable break in the middle


Are you looking for a way to break the jinx of driving a long way to reach Rome from London? Then take a cue by reading this article presented here to get an idea on it.

The road map between London to Rome shows a distance of 1884.1 km which takes nearly 19 hours. There are Eurostar, TGV and Italian Frecciabianca offering a same day trip to Rome which arrives quiet late in the capital city of Italy. The feasible option is to breaking the journey at Paris or Milan and an overnight stay before starting for the next one towards Rome. Here is a guided information to make your trip convenient and easy breezy.

Plan between London to Paris
Boarding Eurostar to reach the Paris city is the convenient option which engages 2 hours and 40 minutes maximum. The fastest one reaches only 20 minutes earlier than the slowest one. So, more or less all of the trains are same. The view of the London landscapes takes breathe away of all the travellers during the journey. The train sweeps past the London landscape for the first one hour. The remaining time is being taken up by the landscapes of France. There is a light security check done at the station where travellers are able to carry their liquids on board. It is needed to keep in mind that all the Eurostar trains and the trains of Italy and France can be booked in 3 months advance to avoid the late minute rush.

Take the next step from Paris Nord to Paris Lyon
Once you arrive Garedy Nord, find for the signs to Metro and RER. After buying the ticket, ride the trains stopping at Gare de Lyon. After arriving at Gare de Lyon which is a10 minutes journey only, find the signs for mainline station. Specifically look for the sign mentioning ‘Accès aux trains GrandesLignes’. The journey from Nord to Lyon will take about 40 minutes but keep aside 50 minutes included of the walking time. The tickets of Nord are available on board the Eurostar train.

Complete the journey between Paris to Turin
There are high speed trains available from Lyon, Paris to Turin Porta Susa. This takes 5 hours and 45 minutes in all total by arriving late in the Turin. The day scenary is beautiful when the TGV slows down while approaching Turin. The border of France and Italy is crossed at Modane via Mount Cenis tunnel with the viewing of the Alps.

Ultimate stop at Rome from Turin by boarding a Eurostar
Eurostar Italia trains are available at Turin to take the travellers at Rome, their final destination. There are multiples trains departing per hour from Turin portasusa station. They arrives either at Rome Termini or Rome Tiburtina. It takes 4 hours and 20 minutes by any high speed train which is available on a booking of 3 months in advance.