Take a Mini Break: A Walking and Eating Tour


In Today’s world everyone is busy, we have become so involved in our work and daily lives that we have forgot to enjoy life. Stress has become a very big problem in today’s world. Daily work and no vacations have made our life stressful. We get caught in our routine life and neglect our aspirations like to travel, to experience. Sometimes only annual holiday is not enough to shake the feeling.

We should take mini breaks in our busy lives for some days to travel and experience different places. For travelling, it’s not important that you have to go outside your country; there is a lot of things to see and places to travel within miles of your home.

You can have three-four days vacations from your work and plan a small trip around your city. You can book a hotel if you are going out of your city. You can walk around the city and eat and experience the fun of exploring different places. Walk to different places, markets and eat at small restaurants, have different experiences. Mini breaks are important; it will help you get stress free.

Travelling in your own city or country is easy because it has no language barriers and similar standards. You will meet people, some local and some travelling. You can create bond meeting people from similar walks of life.

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