The British are known for their innovative fashion tastes, many clothes designers and some of the best fashion models coming from the country. It’s true that many guests at the Boutique Hotel’s in London may have been drawn to the city due to its long history of fashion innovation. If you’re here for a shopping spree think twice before heading to Oxford Street and instead look further afield to the Vintage shops that London and its surrounding area have to offer. Whether you’re penchant is for great value thrift shops or boutique tailored shops, there’ll be something for everybody in and around London.

Shoreditch in london


Shoreditch is very close to the Montcalm on Chiswell Street and therefore should be any hotel guest’s first stop for great fashion at low prices. With Black’s shoe shop focussing on low cost Doc Marten shoes as well as very cheap plimsoles for everyday wearing, you can be sure your feet won’t hurt by the end of your trip to the city. On top of this, the area has many amazing boutique and independent vintage shops, especially on Brick Lane one of the most fashionable streets in the city. There’s also a huge Beyond Retro chains tore near Bethnal Green, where you can find great cheap finds. Spitalfields Market is also great for pop up stores selling the best independent rags.

Portobello Market

Another engaging day out for London fashionistas, you can brush shoulders with London’s trend setters at Portobello Market. Not only is this based in the fashionable West End borough of Chelsea, but it’s an expansive market which is over a mile long. Here you can find everything from fresh food, antique furniture and bric a brac to the best in vintage market clothes. Whether it’s a boutique frock or a pair of vintage Levi’s you’ll find it in Portobello Market.

Portobello Market


Brighton is a mere fifty minute train journey from London Victoria, that’s about the same as a commute across the city. For a seaside town with a host of great stores on top of the arty vibes and sunny beaches, you can be sure you’ll find something you’ll love. One of the best vintage shops in Brighton is Dirty Harry’s which sells cheap as chips vintage jeans and urban streetwear as well as Gypsy Vintage for the more boutique items of clothing. Another Beyond Retro store is located in Brighton, as big as the Shoreditch one and with just as much colourful variety.


Another go to for a great night out, Dalston in the Hackney area of London is known for its great vintage stores such as Mint, where you can find jeans and jumpers fort next to nothing! On top of this, Dalston hosts a range of LGBT inspired stores up and down the high street and stretching into Stoke Newington where the charity shops are often thought to be some of the best in the city.



Between the amazing music venues, rowdy pubs and winding Regents Canal is Camden Market, where you can find enough clothes to make Amy Winehouse sing in glee. The amazing warren of shops and stalls knows no bounds, with stalls dedicated to Moroccan Leather accessories, leather jacket as well as Barbour Jackets you can be sure to find an eclectic mix of stalls which range in cultures and styles. What’s more, with several sites, the market even hosts jewellery stalls, art and fancy dress. Here you can find a great range of both handcrafted and unique items which would make both a great gift for your loved ones as well as a nice present for yourself.