The Origin of UK Boutique Hotel Accommodations


The concept of boutique hotels is not very new. It has always been the trend, that when a big enterprise comes into the market and tries to capture the majority of attention, smaller groups begin to offer better products and services at lesser prices in order to provide a good competition. The origin of boutique hotels also occurred to provide the big hotel groups a tough competition. The smaller hotels started offering quality services and personalized facilities so that they can survive during the times of tough competition.

But only quality services and improved facilities were not enough, so the early boutique hotels came up with a wonderful idea of following interesting themes. Therefore most of the boutique hotels and especially the UK boutique hotel accommodations are theme based hotel accommodations. They follow unique themes like palaces and castles, the jungle theme, hotels paying tributes to famous artists and their work, vibrant colors and designs based themes, antiques, paintings etc.

Most of the hotels have one theme which they follow in the hotel’s décor and interior designing while some of the popular UK boutique hotel establishments are known to follow multiple themes. Luxury Accommodation near Brewery Road London City have a different theme for each of their guestroom. Therefore you can pick a guestroom as per your choice of theme. There is no hard and fast rule that what kinds of requirements are needed to call a hotel, a boutique hotel establishment. But the main characteristics remain, the presence of an interesting theme, quality services provided by modest and efficient staff members, an overall friendly environment and customized facilities as per the requirements of the guests.

The Most primitive boutique hotels were started in the city of London and some of them are still in business. Bigger hotel groups too have started to provide boutique hotel like facilities and services but the true essence of a boutique hotel can only be experienced in a small boutique hotel accommodation with limited number of rooms, cozy and friendly environment. Some of the London boutique hotels provide excellent spa services and treatments for which they are highly popular in all over the world. So, if you are planning to visit London, staying in one such outstanding boutique hotel accommodation can actually be a wonderful idea.