The Truth about Solo Female Travel and Safety


Recently an American woman was a victim of traveling alone, she was found dead in Istanbul. She was a mother of two children. No one knows the reason behind her murder but they had to blame something so they start focusing on anything that they know for sure; she was traveling alone. A lot of people who are blaming solo travel for this incident are themselves not well travelled and don’t even know about many parts of the world.

In reality, traveling solo can be safe if you take proper steps to protect yourself. You should do a lot of research about your destination in advance; you should learn what regions you should avoid. You should never take drinks and eatables from. Only take cabs at night, when it is necessary. Always hide your money in different places. If you are ever in situation which is potentially dangerous, then always listen to your intuition and get away from it.

You should never put on all your jewelry and get yourself drunk and never receive drinks from strangers. It’s not safe to walk in shady neighborhood alone at night. You think nobody does that but you will be surprised to know the number of women who do exactly this. If you are in London; being a solo traveller is not that difficult in this crowded city. Still if you are concerned about your safety and comfort you might like to stay at The Montcalm Hotel At The Brewery London City; a 5 star hotel finely situated in Central Londons’ Chiswell Street.

The sad truth is that you can be prepared as much as you want but still tragedies can happen sometimes either you are at home or abroad. So it doesn’t mean that you stop traveling alone from the fear of getting in trouble.