baker street

Baker Street is well known as one of the most busy streets in London. Being the heart of the Marylebone district, Baker Street is an area where classic residential homes and beautiful houses hark to an age of London which is popular in the minds of the modern tourists. With a beautiful range of commercial buildings, Baker Street has come a long way since the 18th century. Whether you’re looking for the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes or an upmarket bistro, Baker Street is diverse enough to meet many different needs. With many of London’s best 5 star hotels in the area, Baker Street and its surrounding area is a must see part of London.


Cadenheads Whisky Shop

Cadenheads are a whiskey shop who are known for being of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. With a shop selling the best in their wide range of single malts just off Baker Street, the 175 year old distillery are the proud makers of many complex whiskeys. If you’re looking for a great range of whiskeys to buy and a tasting workshop, the Baker street branch is perfect for the whiskey lovers among us. Book an advance for the popular tasting events and find your new favourite drink.

Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection is one of the most extensive collections of art out there and was developed by the Seymour families Marquesses of Hertford. The collection was established and grew throughout the ages, collating a wide range of 15th to 18th century art from the France, Master Paintings and decorative artistry. With the Wallace Collection, now bequeathed to the general public, you can see it all for free. The house is spectacular in and of itself as well and gives a good insight into the kind of art which was sold to the UK after the French Revolution.

Hay HIll Gallery

Hay HIll Gallery is an art gallery and dealer of contemporary art. With a range of amazing and varied pieces, you’ll be able to find a great rostra which needn’t always break the bank if you were in to buying. Not only this is a great place to find some of the next big artists in the international community, but a place to come and explore ad relax among some great art work. Whether you’re a connoisseur or wondering around the area before going back to the Montcalm Brewery Hotel London City, The Hay Hill Gallery is a perfect starting point.

Daunt Books

Daunt Books is an authentic wood panelled book shop near Baker Street in Marylebone. Here you can find a great range of books, specifically travel books, which Daunt began to publish in 2010. With several branches across the city, the literary among us may be interested by the fact that the original branch of Daunt books is the Marylebone one, meaning that you can enjoy the amazing panel windows, wood floor and lush shelving as they would have on its opening back in 1910.