Things to do in Europe by rail: A guide


Trains are environment friendly and you also get to look at beautiful scenery while travelling. There are lots of fantastic boutique hotel chains that you can find in every city which have same booking system. When you go to Venice by train, you get to have the view of the magical Grand Canal, from railway station get on a vaporetto (water taxi), you have nice view of fairytale waterways. Scenery while in water taxi is very beautiful with Mansion having windows with flowers.

You can hire a guide; he will help you in getting to know the real Venice. From Venice train will take you to Florence. It’s only a two hour trip where you get to watch blue and green scenery with golden wheat fields in between. Most important thing about train travel is that you get in the center of the city you going and a short taxi drive will take you to a hotel. Florence is good for walk and eating travel, you can have food at Piazza Della Signoria on the pastel colored Ponte Vecchio, the most famous bridge of Florence. It has a great architect all around the city.

Then take a 1.5 hour trip to Rome, which has most spectacular and important historical buildings in the world. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has row of bars along the banks of River Tiber. From Rome you can take train trip to London, one of the most magnificent cities in the world.

Before arriving in London, it’s recommended to book any accommodations in prior. The Montcalm Hotel At The Brewery London City is one such hotel which is highly recommended for staying in Central London.