Things to do in London in the month of November


London, the city on the River Thames, is a cold place throughout the year. But during the fall and winter season starting around the month of November, despite the cold breeze, the wonderful festive mood of the city makes it an amazing time to visit London. Ignoring the temperature, people from around the world, come here to be a part of the festive season and indulge in merry making.

The mood of the city:
Although the smoke and the fog prevailing on the City of London makes it look colourless most of the time of the year, during the month of November, continuing to the end of the entire winter season, the city wears a cloak of colours. The smile of the face of people, the lights on the streets, the pubs and restaurants on either side of every street overflowing with revelry, will surely flow you along with the wave of fun.

The activities:
As November bring a quite cold atmosphere in London, more and more people head into the pubs that mushroom in this period all over the City of London.If you want to indulge yourself in a bit of warmth and drunken revelry, there is every reason why you should come to these places. The amazing local cuisine and the atmosphere within the pubs along with the local music make it a heavenly combination to enjoy London.

But, if you want to enjoy the chilly evenings, step out with your pullovers and sweaters and head into the various shops that sell anything and everything. Christmas is the festival of happiness and love. Idle around with window shopping or find out the various outlets that sell cheap stuff and buy gifts for your loved ones for the Christmas Day. Travellers mostly seem over excited about the winter activities happening every year in London. so if you are the one looking for some winter fun in this city this fall; just grab your tickets and book a comfortable stay at The Montcalm London City The Brewery Hotel.

However, it is not necessary that you have to spend your money into this; you can simply enjoy the hustle and bustle of happy crowds, lights, colours and decorations. Those who like to utilize this period of winter crawling in slowly can go to the ice skating rinks that are present all over London.

Events you should not miss:
The calendar of London, especially in the month of November is full of events and if you want to experience each one of these, you will have to plan beforehand so that you do not miss any. In the first week of November there are two colour events with bright fireworks covering up the entire sky. One is Guy Fawkes and the other is the 800 year old Lord Mayor’s Show. Colourful bands, procession and acrobatic shows and fireworks are the first indication that the festive season has arrived.

Those who are looking for a bit of culture and music, participate in the London Jazz Show, featuring both the established as well as new talents. The Regent Street Motor Show is no less invigorating where classic and vintage motors have a rally on the show. But the kids also have nothing to worry if none of these suits you. Just visit the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and enjoy the lovely rides there. There is so much to do in London during November. Plan your visit today.