Things to do Near Hoxton Overground Station


London’s vibrant East End is often overlooked by travellers. There is so much going on in the West End already that travellers who choose to stay in luxury hotels in Chiswell Street London don’t end up moving much beyond their immediate area. A fine way to travel, but it does mean that you miss out on a large slice of London life. You don’t want to come home after a lovely stay Montcalm London city at the Brewery Hotel and then realise you missed out Hackney, Shoreditch, and Whitechapel. So make the effort while you are visiting and head to the area around the Hoxton Overground Station to see what London’s East End really has to offer.

Hackney City Farm

City farms truly are a delight to visit. The smells of nature and the friendly animals and the plethora of plants; it is a perfect way to escape the bustle and pollution of the city, without having to drive for anyway. Hackney City Farm hosts a lot of small petting animals, calves, sheep, pigs, Amber the goat and Larry the Donkey; two young up and coming actors (in nativity plays).

Former Shoreditch Underground Station

Seeing the old underground stations can be pretty fascinating on their own, seeing them decked out as an art gallery and events space is something truly special! This decked terrace runs directly under Brick Lane and is home to the Hot Tub Cinema as well as hosting one-off events.

Hundred Years Gallery

This curious coffee shop turned art gallery is a true delight for young artists and collectors looking for the next big star. The walls inside are decked in a wide range of pieces in all sorts of styles; the current show is collection of works submitted through an open call. The upstairs café portion is very comfortable with exquisite coffee and locally brewed beers.

Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art and Natural History

This little shop of horrors was recently reopened in 2014 as a museum of rare and priceless marvels from the natural and scientific worlds. The collection has been put together by its founder, Viktor Wynd, as both an installation and a performance.There are all sorts of oddities from Dodo bones to McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, etchings by Old Masters and doodles by mad women. It may be an eclectic mix, but it is certainly fascinating.

Exploring East London

Geffrye museum

Another rather quirky gallery is the Geffyre Museum. The museum tracks the changing styles of the English domestic interior from the 1600s to the modern day. There is everything from William Moors to Ikea on display. It’s a beautiful display set in a series of quaint 18th century almshouses and surrounded by gardens. If you want perspective of English life over the years, or are a writer wanting to stay accurate when writing period fiction, this place is a wonderful spot to visit.