Things to do with Kids in London


Natural History Museum London
Kids love London, and with its world famous attractions and museums and sights recognisable from the movies there’s never any problems with keeping their attention occupied. First port of call should be the Natural History Museum, which promises to enchant kids and adults alike. This is a purpose-built ‘cathedral to nature’ which has stood for almost 150 years and is an architectural marvel in itself, with tiny carved animals scaling its huge pillars and impossibly intricate details everywhere you look which pay tribute to the natural wonders which are held within. The first thing you’ll set eyes on is Dippy, the huge cast of a diplodocus skeleton who hangs above the incredible entrance hall, and she sets the tone of hushed awe which will accompany you throughout your time in the museum. The dinosaur exhibits are many people’s favourites, but there are collections here dedicated to all reaches of the natural world.

The British Museum is another of London’s world-renowned institutions which captures the imaginations of kids, particularly the Ancient Egypt exhibits and remarkably preserved mummies. With famous artefacts including such monumental items from human history as the Elgin Marbles and the Rosetta Stone, there’s enough to keep people of all ages occupied here. The British Museum’s central London location in Bloomsbury means that it is easily accessible from The Montcalm London city at the brewery hotel, your luxurious accommodation at Montcalm the brewery. While we’re on the subject of museums, the Science Museum is just a stone’s throw down Exhibition Road from the Natural History Museum and is arguably the best of the lot in terms of the interactive opportunities for kids, with no fewer than seven floors of educational and fun exhibits. Kids aged 8-16 can visit the drop-in Science Stations for lessons and experiments from qualified ‘Explainers’, while younger kids between 5 and 8 can visit the Pattern Pod to learn about patterns and shapes through hands-on play.

Kids at Garden
Younger kids will also love The Garden, where with water, sound, building blocks and more they can learn and play. The Science Museum is by no means just for kids, though, and adults will find plenty to keep them occupied. The best things about all these museums is that, incredibly, they’re still completely free for general admission, so you won’t have to pay a penny. Special exhibitions are ticketed, but there’s so much to see on general display that there’s really no need to splash out – and while donations are welcomed, there’s no pressure put on you in that regard at all. Another attraction which kids love, thanks to its colourful and often macabre past, is the Tower of London. This one-time royal palace, remarkably preserved considering it’s nearly a thousand years old, is best known for its use as a prison; interestingly, the notorious Ronnie and Reggie Kray were among the final people to be held here in the 1950s. Today, it’s well worth a visit to say hello to its famous ravens and to lay eyes on the incredible Crown Jewels, which include some of the most valuable gemstones in the world.