Tips for an Affordable Stay in London hotels


People throughout the world have the perception that London is an expensive place to stay, which is not entirely unfounded because till a few years back it was in the top bracket of most expensive cities in the world. Recently, the economic crunch seems to have hit the House of Lords that is trying to limit the hotel bills of its peers to £140 a night. The noblemen and women of the House are outraged at this possibility although they can still stay in comfort at The Montcalm London City The Brewery Hotel and need not relocate themselves to the outskirts of London. They can find some luxury central London hotels that will enable them to stay for under £140 per night.

One of the options is The Windermere Hotel Victoria that has a strategic location in central London and offers traditional British décor and a double room for £135 per night. The hotel reflects heritage and is centrally located near most places of interest in central London. The rooms that have shared bathrooms should be avoided.

The other option is Thistle Westminster that offers a double room for £140. It is an ideal place for peers to stay since Parliament is only a 10-minute walk away. The rooms are however nothing much to boast about and the only plus point is its superior location that cuts down commute time.

The Hoxton Hotel is another economic option that offers a double room for £96.89. It was judged the best UK hotel 2009 in the Guardian and Observer travel awards and is best for peers looking to stay in the East End.

The Number Sixteen Hotel offers a double or single room for £138. It offers a private garden and a fresh and refreshing environment.

The Grange Rochester Hotel offers a single room for £130. It has a 24-hour concierge service and is located in a square which is just a 10-minute walk from Westminster.

If peers do not mind staying alongside tourists, they can stay at the Travelodge King’s Cross that offers a double room for only £29.

For tourists, however, there are many options for finding budget accommodation in all parts of the city, especially in central London. Most of these budget hotels offer at least the bare minimum comfort levels in a clean and hygienic environment.