Tips to spend an exciting Halloween in London


Britain is famous for its numerous ancient festivals and customs some of which are still extremely popular. One such festival that is celebrated with great zest and revelry is that of Halloween. Its origins are ancient dating back to the Celtic festival of Samhain. It marks the end of summer and the onset of the cold dark winter. The Celts were of the belief that on October 31st every year the souls of the dead returned to earth and it was the time when Celtic priests or Druids could make prophecies and predictions for the coming year. The truth is whether fact or fiction, it caught on with the public’s imagination and since then is celebrated passionately all over the UK and America.

Halloween Celebrations
London offers the finest Halloween experiences in the country. If you do plan a trip to London during the end of October you could join in the many of the special events organised on Halloween. Since it is a period when tourists flock to the city it is advisable to make your hotel reservations in advance. In terms of location it is best to choose accommodation near Brewery Road London City, as it offers convenient access to the many Halloween events held nearby.

There are some fine luxury hotels to be found in the area like The Montcalm at the Brewery London City, which offers premium luxury at an affordable price. When in London some of the best Halloween events to be a part of are:

Jack The Ripper Tour:

Probably one of the most awful criminals in the history of the country Jack the Ripper stoked terror in the hearts and minds of Londoners in the Victorian Era. And he earned even more notoriety as his true identity was never revealed, with countless rumours doing the rounds till today.  The guided Tour takes visitors on a nightly prowl of the very same streets where he hunted down his victims and committed his horrific crimes. There would be an expert ‘Ripperologist’ who will take you through the tour and share detailed information about the crimes that Jack committed so brazenly, while attempting to unravel his identity. The tour becomes all the interesting as a number of theatrical skills are used to bring it to life, along with hand held-projectors that make the experience more authentic. The tours are conducted on all the days of the week from Aldgate East Station and begin at 19:30. To ensure you can join the tour on Halloween night book your tickets in advance.

Ghost Bus Tours:

One of the most exciting ways to tour London on Halloween Night is to hop aboard an iconic 1960s Routemaster bus that is part of the Ghost Bus Tours, and plunge into the seedier side of hidden London. It is a well orchestrated theatrical sightseeing trip that offers visitors a rare glimpse of London as it is normally never shown. Visitors are guaranteed to develop  goose-bumps  when hear of tales like the ghoulish past of the Tower of London, the infamous black dog of Newgate Prison the scary tombs of Westminster Abbey among many other spine-chilling stories. Its starts from Northumberland Avenue that is to be found off Trafalgar Square and the tour starts from 19:30 to 21:00 hours. You could either book your tickets in advance via the phone or choose to show up and buy your tickets on the spot (subject to availability).

The London Dungeons:

When it comes to spooky there is no better place to visit than the London Dungeons! It has been termed as ‘the home of Halloween’ and is great place to visit with the family. One of the highlights there is the Master of Tricks who puts on a magnificent performance of skulduggery, forfeits and dares among other spooky tricks. While there be ready to see some of the most infamous ghouls of the city’s gory past like Jack the Ripper, Henry VIII, Guy Fawkes and Sweeny Todd. Apart from the grisly characters you mill meet on your trip there are two thrilling rides that make it all the more bone chillingly exciting! As there are limited seats ensure that you book your tickets in advance not to be disappointed! Finding it is a breeze being located on the attractive South Bank of the Thames and is well connected via the city’s buses and The Tube.

Thorpe Park on Halloween night:

Thorpe Park can be found on the outskirts of London and is located in Chertsey which is easily accessible from Waterloo Station. This amazing them park is just the place to visit on Halloween Fright Night when it is truly transformed into one of the spookiest locations in London. Once night falls the rides become a white knuckle experience with a number of ghostly attractions popping up all around, especially, on Halloween Night. You can be sure of having an adrenaline fuelled experience. To avoid having to wait in a long queue on Halloween Night when the place is packed with visitors make your reservations in advance. Another benefit of booking online is that it will be far more economical. There also are special group discounts for 10 or more people travelling in a group, which can be very cost-effective.

Tower of London:

One of the top rated attractions in London, The Tower of London has had a ghastly history over the centuries. While there visit The Traitor’s Gate, the White Tower, the Bloody Tower and Scaffold Site areas where some of the most blood-chilling tales took place! It opens daily and can be easily accessed from the Tube Station at Tower Hill.

The Woman in Black:

One of the most gripping tales of revenge and murder The Woman in Black is a malicious ghost story. You can see it unfold live at London’s West End, where the show has been performed for more than quarter of a century, and has scared the life out of visitors. It is a carefully choreographed show that uses special effects like horror, illusion and a rather heavy atmosphere, where viewers are sucked in to the world of a lawyer who is under the belief that he and his family are cursed by a Woman in Black. Halloween Night is just the time to enjoy the show at the Fortune Theatre in Covent Garden! A truly terrifying experience it is not for those who are faint-hearted!