Top 10 European travel destinations for 2014


Europe provides a huge range of travel experiences for long as well as short visits. Europe is one of the best destinations whether you have planned an itinerary which comprises of a few stops or focuses on any single spot. A Europe tour has a lot to make your trip full of memories, adventure and experiences which shall last forever.

The huge variety of landscapes, architecture and historical points of reference makes Europe – one of the most amazing destinations for vacations, throughout the year.

Europe offers rich culture, impressionist art and a welcoming atmosphere for the tourists. The famous historical and architectural sites like Eiffel tower, Countryside of France, Black Forest of Germany and Mediterranean Sea Coast.

So, vacations in Europe have always been a popular choice for everyone. It offers the chance to take pleasure of the authentic French, Italian and other amazing cuisines, wines, etc.

So, if you are planning to visit the grand Europe, then it is extremely important to know that where you should go?

For this, here’s is a list of the top 10 or the ten most popular destinations in Europe for the year 2014 –

1.Porto in Portugal
2.Zagreb in Croatia
3.Vienna in Cyprus
4.Budapest in Hungary
5.Madeira in Portugal
6.Milan in Italy
7.Madrid in Spain
8.Berlin in Germany
9.Rome in Italy
10. London.

Among these destinations; London has always been the most preferred destination by travellers around the world. The city never fails to amaze people roaming around. London offers a huge range of hotels ranging from budgeted rooms to luxury suites in London.

So, select any of the given places and experience a vacation full of memories and fun in Europe.