Top 10 myths about hotels


There are plenty of myths floating around about hotels. Read on and find out whether some of your own perceptions are simply urban legends.

1.Only those on a budget use search engines

Over half of all hotel bookings are made over the internet via search engines, which would suggest that even luxury travellers use this approach when finding their ideal luxury Accommodation near Brewery Road London City.

2.Luxury hotels are only for those who earn big

Luxury hotels regularly cater for guests who may not have deep pockets, but are staying in their accommodation as a special treat to celebrate an occasion.

3.Corporate customers drive the hotel industry

Some say that hoteliers care more about guests on business because they believe corporate customers drive the hotel industry. This is simply not true as leisure travellers have greater impact on a hotel’s profitability.

4.Lower rate means a bad hotel

Another myth to be debunked, good quality hotels may offer cheaper rates during the off-peak season or as a special promotion.

5.Higher rate means a good hotel

Related to the previous point, some hotels hike up their rates because of the false perception that the more you pay, the better the hotel’s quality.

6.Hotel key cards contain your personal details

The card that allows you access to rooms and utilities is normally encrypted with details such as your arrival and departure date. It will not contain anything personal such as credit card details.

7.There’s money in the bible

There is no monetary reward for reading that bible!

8.Housekeepers get to keep all the money you leave

Any money you leave behind will be shared amongst all hotel staff, unless you leave a note to specify that your tip is meant for housekeepers only.

9.All bedding is changed after each stay

As disturbing as it sounds, some hotels leave the bedding unchanged if the sheets don’t appear soiled after a guest’s stay.

10.Housekeepers don’t care about small things

Having said the above, there are also hotels that insist on everything being cleaned, even small items such as the alarm clock.