Top ten must-have’s for any luxury hotel

Luxury Hotel London

There’s only so many hotels in London that will leave you feeling truly satisfied. With so many London 5-star Hotels, it’s truly difficult to find one which ticks all the boxes. You’re not spending small amounts on boutique hotels either, it’s luxury only the lucky can afford. And to reflect that investment, you want only the best in service and comfort. With so many in London vying for your attention, it’s a good idea to really assess what each one could offer you. They may have stellar service, but are they easily reachable from the city centre and airports? They may have a great breakfast but surly staff. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it be a luxury stay during a business trip or a family treat, you can find just some of the things you should expect from a luxury hotel written below.


Room service

It’s a Saturday morning, it’s your day off and you’re dozing in the Montcalm London City’s luxurious feather pillowed beds. There’s no way you’re making the complimentary breakfast, and why would you get up? It’s raining outside, and you have downloaded some of your favourite films to watch on a cold rainy morning. That’s why we offer you room service. Part of luxury treatment is breakfast in bed, or dinner in your dressing gown. Room service is one of the best pleasures in life and having your favourite meal delivered to you is a special treat which is often only available with the best in luxury hotels.

Attentive and friendly staff

And that brings us on to staff. Staff at any hotel should be welcoming and friendly. They should be human as well as professional. A certain amount of approachability is needed for guests at a hotel to feel comfortable and having staff who offer you both care and a friendly face are exactly what is needed for a perfect hotel stay.

Knowledgeable staff

You’ve got two hours to kill, your hotel is based in East London. You want something to do in the city centre which is memorable, informative, exciting but quick. No queues, no faffing and you need it now or you’ll run out of time. The hotel receptionist should be your first port of call and should be able to give you lightening fast information on the area in which you’re staying. It’s not just service at boutique hotels, but reliability which makes it 5 stars.


One of the plus sides of the modern age is the fact that we expect internet and 3G access everywhere. As fast as the Fibre Optics it travels through, we expect to click on a website quickly and seamlessly, connecting us to the outside world like lightning to the point that we could be on the other side of the globe in a millisecond. The problem with such high-tech wonder in the modern world is that we expect it everywhere. It almost feels jarring these days if there is no free WIFI and luxury hotels are no different. It’s especially important here due to many of the guests being business travellers who must be extra connected.

A bang-up breakfast

Room service is one thing, but a breakfast simply must be included in the hotel booking package. We all need something to kick start the day and luxury hotels should be giving you a real kick. Whether it’s a continental breakfast, full English or as simple croissant, the key here is in the diversity of what’s on offer. Guests at luxury hotels should be able to have a wide range of choices when it comes to their breakfast.

A diverse menu

It’s not just the breakfasts you should be looking out for. Many of the best luxury hotels in the city come with high class restaurants which are open for not only guests of the hotels but those lucky enough to book a table. Look out for Michelin star chefs, fusion dishes and some of the most adventurous cooking out there for an authentic hotel restaurant experience.

Great location

Whether it be near transport links or dead in the centre of the city, luxury hotels must be situated with ease of access in mind. Whether it’s near great attractions or shopping facilities, you’ll want somewhere close by to slump n your bed after a long day out. Proximity to train stations is an important factor as well, hotels need to be easily reachable from many parts of the country whilst also giving you the freedom to leave the city and explore more of the country if you wish.

Comfortable bed

Luxury hotels must offer luxury comfort. Weather it’s a range of pillows which accommodate for back pains and feather allergies, bed mattresses must be soft yet firm to make sure that you are well rested. A hotel should offer you a better night’s sleep than you could possibly get at home, whilst also allowing you a range of options on what your bedding, mattress and pillow can be made of and give you. At the Montcalm London City hotel for instance, you can even find a pillow menu. This pillow menu accommodates for a range of needs. Whether it’s the dainty delight, deisgned for those who sleep light or the shape your sleep pillow, which offers a pillow which holds firm your neck and head during sleep by moulding to your shape.

Shower and bath facilities

the montcalm london bath

All hotels will have shower and bath facilities, it’s basic cleanliness. But only the luxury hotels will offer up the best in shower amenities, such as luxury shampoos and complimentary soaps. Whatever you need from y9ur shower facilities, your hotel should be able to provide it.

Best events in town

If you’re staying in Luxury Hotel, you’d assume they’d have some imagination. Whether that comes in the form of live music events, seasonal offers or great entertainment and function facilities, you should make sure that the luxury hotel you’ve chosen in the city centre will not bore you to death!