Travel Disasters that Better be Avoided


If you are a travel – buff and are on the move half of the year, there is very high chance that you have faced disasters, may be small mishaps or may be catastrophic happenings. However, experienced a tourist you are, and however smart and careful you remain, these things happen. Such mishaps may range from losing way in a strange city to something more serious like losing your passport in a country where you don’t even know the local language. it is always observed that however meticulously you plan your vacation and take precautions, no trip conclude without some messing up.

However, it is obvious that you do not want your once – in – a – lifetime trip to get spoilt because of mishaps. So it is better to train yourself up against certain eventualities before starting on a trip. The rest is pure accident that may happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Losing Your Way In A Strange Land

This is the commonest mishap, but the most quickly solvable. The best friend in such cases is your smartphone that is a must – carry object for tourists. With online maps and directions, it is minutes before you are back on track. Those with phones that are not so smart, there is always the option of calling the hotel and telling them your problem. For those who feel that carrying a phone to an exotic locale, where his sole aim is to mingle with the surroundings, will spoil everything, getting lost may be a somewhat more serious problem, and the best thing to do is to contact the local police.

Falling Ill on your Trip

This is one problem that you better avoid from the very beginning by taking extra precautions. Being careful with what you eat and drink when you are on a trip is more than important. Catching a cold or a fever can be really disturbing, so it’s better not to overdo things. Taking a lot of rest in between and drinking lots of fluids from safe sources is the best bet. Being extra fussy about hygiene when you are in unknown lands is also recommended. You must sanitize yourself before any meal and be careful where you touch public facilities.

Losing your Passport While on the Move

This can be one of the most serious problems apart from getting into trouble with the local authorities. Don’t panic. The very first thing you should do is go to the local embassy of your country immediately and seek their help. The authorities there will assist you in getting a temporary travel document. For your own safety, you must also carry a second back up ID.