Travel to London and return with some wonderful memories!


If you have visited London before, you would certainly agree that London is one of the most significant financial capitals in the entire world. Moreover, it also remains one of the most significant historical capitals of the contemporary world since this city is known for its rich history and a glorious past.

In London, you can find hotels that suit all kinds of preferences and budget. Some of the most popular hotels located in London are as old as the historical edifices of the city. And one such hotel is the Montcalm at the Brewery London City. The interiors of this luxury boutique hotel are carved intricately with stunning designs that adorn the ceilings as well as the friezes of this beautiful property. London city suites are quite popular for such designs. The halls and the rooms of this hotel also feature some arresting antique fireplaces, paintings, Venetian mirrors, breathtaking wainscoting and wall paneling, sparkling and magnificent chandeliers and damask drapes adorning the windows and doors.

The Montcalm at the Brewery London City is contemporary, chic and yet steeped in history. Indeed, the Montcalm offers a completely new experience altogether in this mesmerizing city. The Montcalm is situated conveniently at a stone’s throw distance from the Brewery. It was originally a 17th century structure which was restored to a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of this vibrant city. Some of the exciting facilities and amenities you can find in this hotel are iPod docking station, 24 hour room service, deluxe en-suite bathrooms with rain showers and telephone with voicemail facility.