Travelling with your passport, tips keep it safe


When anyone goes on holiday abroad one thing that we all ask ourselves is how to keep our passports safe? The last things any of us want is to be stranded with no passport, as nice as the idea is of extending our holidays and we all joke about, the reality of having our passports stolen or lost is devastating. So how do we keep our passports safe? First thing first always remember that you can only trust yourself. The first thing about staying safe is being prepared so here are some useful tips when it comes to your passport.

Number one; make photo copies of your passport, keep a copy in your case, keep a copy with any other documents and in your hand luggage, also because we are all so technically minded today it would be wise to take a picture of your passport with your mobile phone, digital camera attach it to an email so you can access anywhere, so if your bag goes missing with your passport ad mobile phone in you can still have a copy of it to hand.

Secondly; you are travelling abroad, you possibly do not speak the same language and the laws of employment can be different to what your used to, so it doesn’t matter how nice your hotel, resort or complex might be,  you can still only trust yourself, make sure you have a room with a safe, this way you can set your own password and only you will be able to gain access to anything inside the safe. If you have a safe in your room use it, do not be miss lead by how nice your surroundings might be. If there is no in room safe then you can ask the hotel reception if they have a private locker for you to be able to store your passport and any other important documents in. do not under any circumstances leave your passport with reception if you are not 100 % sure that they have a lockable safe, your passport being left in a drawer that is accessible to all members of staff is a no go.

Thirdly; remember it is not always the safest option to keep your passports on you, pocket thieves and handbags can be cut, stolen and tampered with, if they want to get into your bag without you knowing they will be able to do so, some people make a living off robbing and pick pocketing tourist, and were not just talking about adults, some children in some countries are experts. If you feel as though you should need to keep your passport on you then make sure you are vigilant at all times, limit your alcohol intake, be aware of your surroundings and do not get distracted by anyone, keep your hand on your passport or in your bag if you are being entertained.

For everyone who has been on holiday abroad and they have not had a safe in their room and do not want to take their passport out with them thinking outside of the box is essential. Firstly if you don’t have a safe but have a secure suitcase, one with a combination then this is where you will hide your passport. Secondly, purchase some tape, this will allow for you to hide your passport anywhere, behind a picture, under a drawer, under a chair, behind a unit, you can literally have a game of needle in the hay stack if you put your mind to it. Thirdly; out of sight out of mind, mattress is always going to be a popular choice. And fourthly; it has to be the classic; within the clothes.

Now you must remember at all times where you have hidden your passport, so here is a list of my do not’s!

Do not hide it after consuming alcohol.
Do not hide it in anything that might be mistaken as garbage for instance an old newspaper.
Do not hide it in the bins.
Do not let someone else hide it.
Do not put it in the towels.
And finally DO NOT forget your passport when you leave, this could be very awkward when you get to the airport.

Remember at all times where your passport is, check on it when possible and do not trust anyone else under any circumstances.

All of these little and simple tips are easy enough for you to remember, they are mainly common sense but sometimes we need for it to be in black and white before we think of the little obvious things we should do when taking care of our passports. Many of the tricks I use are a combination of the above, switching them about depending on where you are going will reduce the risk of your passport being stolen.  Stay safe when travelling and keep anything valuable out of sight. The saying out of sight out of mind is true for a reason. Remember this.