Unique Workouts in London


Many Londoners work themselves up into a fitness frenzy every day. More and more city dwellers kit themselves out for hot yoga and a sober day rave, cycling down to their local gym using the newly refurbished city centre cycling superhighway. Many of the Montcalm at the Brewery London hotels have their own in house gym for personal fitness, but if you want to explore the countless options for unique workouts in London, then look no further. Whether you’re in the mood for a Zumba class with added zaniness or an extreme boxing regime, then check out this selection of great groups to get your blood pumping.

Workouts in London

Tower Bridge Yoga

Named flow and show, the Tower Bridge based yoga workout takes place at sunrise twice a month. Head on down to one of London’s most iconic sites to make the most of the day and learn about your body with Emily Lopes and Sarah McFadden, two yoga instructors who know a thing or two about a good view. The Flow and Show bimonthly yoga session takes place on the Tower Bridge walkway, over 40 metres above ground and with a clear glass floor giving you a brilliant view to the city beneath. Kill two birds with one flexible stone with this 50-minute yoga session, it’ll be energising and breathtaking in equal measure.

Lucha Britannia

This Mexican wrestling focused gym session gives you the skills you need to become a Lucha Libre star. With the costume completely optional you can learn gymnastics, acrobatics, weight training and endurance through the school. Whether you’re looking for a new and fun way to get fit or you’re seriously considering jumping into the ring, the Lucha Britannia is the largest Mexican Wrestling school outside of Mexico!

Rouse your competitive side with Rabble

Located across a wide range of green spaces, Rabble is a great way to keep fit with friends and strangers through throwback sessions of schoolyard games. Finding the right sport for you can be difficult, but with Rabble’s wide range of sessions, you’ll be able to revisit dodgeball, Manhunt, tag and many of your favourite playground games. There’s something nostalgic and extremely fun about exercising and incorporating fun games, requiring little more than your body, a ball, your friends and a little imagination.

Disco Yoga

From yoga up above to yoga that helps you “get down on it”, the basics are the same, it’s just the atmosphere around you which really makes your yoga session something special. If heights aren’t your thing, then try Disco Yoga in the Trapeze Bar on Great Eastern Street. Here you can start your session by glittering up, before dancing through some hardcore yoga, all done to the rhythm of disco classics. With a social after every session bringing superfood cocktails to the swanky Trapeze Bar, you’ll have the chance to get to know your dance and yoga partners whilst feeling all the fitter for it.

Gorilla Circus

Located in some of London’s most iconic parks, Gorilla Circus gives you the chance to learn acrobatics and trapeze skills in some of London’s prettiest locations. With the fresh air of beautiful green spaces such as Regents Park, Hyde Park and Green Park, you can learn some new skills whilst also getting to see some of the most beautiful parts of the city centre.