Unmissable for millennials: London’s attractions for twenty-somethings


One of the most exciting, entertaining and essential cities on the planet, London is simply the perfect place to come to enjoy all manner of terrific experiences when you’re young – especially in your twenties. Offering superb shopping outlets, outstanding eateries, hot venues to hang out at and stupendous places to stay, the UK capital’s really the ideal city to visit wherever in the world you hailfrom. Here are some good examples…

Do some browsing at a market :-

For young visitors to the capital, chances are they may well be on the look-out for some bargains in terms of clobber and grub. In which case, the multitude of markets on offer is very good news for them. Whether you’re on the look-out for cheap but affordable clothes, flowers, books, household goods or pop-up food stalls, you’re truly spoilt for choice by London’s marvelous market culture.

Street Market
And wherever you’re based – in the east, west or centre of the city – you’re extremely well served. Flowers and plants are the speciality at Hackney’s Columbia Road Market, while Borough Market near London Bridge is world renowned forattracting serious and casual foodies. Clothes and art are the prime sales goods at the internationally famous Brick Lane Market and the nearby Broadway Market is a fine venue for food, clothes, books, records and more. Or, alternatively, if you’re keen on spending the whole day meandering between stall after stall – both indoors and out – then the markets down Camden way will make for the ideal day out; indeed, once you’ve visited the area (famed for its embracing of alternative culture and lifestyles) you may never be the same again – in a very good way, though!

Eat-out on your night-out :-

Once upon a time people from overseas used to turn up their noses when it came to dining options in London and the UK, British cuisine absolutely couldn’t compete with the quality of French or Italian cooking and the exotic tastes of South East Asia or Central and South America, so went the conventional wisdom. Well, nobody thinks that anymore. Partly because the UK capital has become ever more international a hub, ever more a cosmopolitan metropolis, and so embraced all those different cuisines from around the world as its blended-together own, the eating-out opportunities in London nowadays-are magnificent.

Eating Out
And one of the increasingly popular locations in London for young adults when it comesto hip eateries is Brixton Village. Boasting a plethora ofpermanent and pop-up cafes and restaurants, all at a budget price, its outlets most worthy of mention include the Mexican food-specialising El Panzon, Okan (a Japanese Osaka-style okonomiyaki restaurant) and Honest Burgers, which serves, well, you can guess what. To be fair, though, whether your palate is excited by – andyour price-range allows for – Michelin-starred fine dining or you’re turned on by more off-the-beaten-track hidden gems, London’s cuisine offerings really do conjure up something for every taste and budget.

Choose your place of stay :-

As one of the world’s most visited cities, London has a staggering number of places to stay. Whether you’re looking for a budget option or somewhere a little more exclusive, you’ll find there’s a high degree of choice whatever your budget. Hostels, B&Bs, small, boutiquey places, family-friendly favorites or luxury hotels can be found dotted here, there and everywhere throughout the capital. For instance, should you be tempted to stay in the thriving City area (and why not? It’s near the lively and hip districts of Shoreditch, Hackney, Hoxton, Islington and Brick Lane), you may like the sound of the Montcalm hotel at The Brewery London City. With something of a quirky heritage (it was originally a building housing a leading UK brewery), today it offers an appealing mix of elegance and informality, making it something of a perfect urban retreat.

Exploring Shoreditch London :-

Make the most of the music scene :-

No question, the UK is a fantastic country to visit for experiencing live music – and, as it’s the capital, you’d expect London to be, well, its capital location for gigs. And you wouldn’t be at all wrong. It’s blessed with hundreds of different kinds of venues, from the pop and rock headliners’ mainstays like Wembley stadium and the O2’s gigantic arena all the way down to smaller, often eclectic and riveting venues to be found in pubs, clubs and bars, ensuring you (and especially your ears) are spoilt for choice.

Live Music Scene In London

In truth, often the best gigs to choose for an unforgettable night out are those featuring up-and-coming artists (whether they’re rock, punk or pop bands or singer-songwriter, electro or jazz acts); not least because such gigs tend to be cheaper on your wallet and, of course, because they tend to offer smaller, more intimate and often more memorable and cherishable experiences.

Some of the best regarded such venues include the Sebright Arms, Birthdays and the Amersham Arms. Note too that there’s a seemingly never-ending selection of one-day and weekend-long festivals that take place each summer in London, covering all ranges of the musical spectrum and held in such delightful and enlightening surroundings as Hyde Park, Clapham Common, Victoria Park and even within the grounds of Hampton Court Palace. As so often in London, the choice truly is yours!