Visit London and book your stay at a cheap boutique hotel!


When you are visiting London with friends or family, you can consider choosing from any of the 5 stars hotels London. In the past, booking stay at a five star hotel in London was next to impossible since these hotels were prohibitively expensive. However, in the recent times, many new boutique hotels have sprung up in this megapolis and these offer exceptional accommodation without really denting your holiday budget.

The 5 stars hotels London provide every conceivable luxury like chandeliers, antiques and exceptional deluxe room services to its esteemed guests. These boutique hotels in London also provide several additional tit-bits so that they are able to transform their first-time guests into regular customers and recommend it to relatives and friends. The best part about these boutique hotels in London is located centrally but one can also find these hotels in some residential areas of London. The Montcalm at Brewery London City is one such five star boutique hotel that offers stunning accommodation. This hotel is known for its stylish yet quirky appeal.

The Montcalm at the Brewery London City is situated supremely in the heart of this bustling city. This is a beautifully designed grade II listed property restored in a stunning fashion into a five star luxury hotel and its heritage values have been excellently preserved by its designers and architects. The Montcalm at the Brewery London City is an ideal location for a pleasure stay as well as to conduct important business meetings and conferences. Also, the hotel offers exciting discounts to travelers when they book their stay online. To proceed with your bookings, please visit