Visit the National History Museum This Spring to Get Close to Sensational Butterflies


A spectacular butterfly exhibition will once again be hosted this year by the Natural History Museum. Thousands of tropical chrysalises from all over the world will be on display in the spring of this year at the Natural History Museum presented by Luke Brown, its expert lepidopterist. These butterflies will be nurtured in a purpose built tropical habitat in their new home in central London. If you wish to wish to get close to tropical butterflies, moths and a variety of creepy crawlies, you should visit this museum. It will give you an opportunity to see a fantastic range of rare species that have never been seen in the UK. The chrysalises have been brought from Southeast Asia, North and South America and Africa.

The butterflies on display at the museum take pride in exhibiting their spectacular colours and designs. While there are many that keep fluttering and dancing around from one flower to another and above the heads of visitors, some of them are not so active and prefer to stay still and not very visible. Some others use effective camouflage techniques and merge with the surrounding environment. If you are not able to spot them, you can take the help of expert helpers who are available at the spot.

Although this is an educational experience for both young and old, kids and youngsters can indulge in games, educational activities and challenges. The activities include talks by experts, workshops and more. The right environment is created inside the exhibition to resemble the regular habitat of butterflies that includes a hot and humid atmosphere, thick, damp air, dense foliage and sweet fruits and flowers but such an environment may not be to the liking of humans.

If you are planning to be in London to visit this wonderful attraction; accommodate yourself in advance with some hotel based upon your purpose of visiting this city. The Montcalm At Brewery London City offers a wide range of rooms and suites options that completes the vacation with comfort and luxury.

However, you will soon get used to the heat and humidity and will be able to enjoy completely with a feeling that you are not in central London but in a tropical habitat of these creatures.

The Natural History Museum’s outdoor butterfly house is returning to welcome and celebrate the arrival of spring with these butterflies and moths. The Natural Museum’s home page on its website provides more information regarding the event.