Visiting London’s Tower Bridge


Tower Bridge London Plaque

The Tower Bridge – the majestic suspension bridge that nestles above the River Thames, is a strikingly beautiful attraction. Offering panoramic views from high level walkways, it also welcomingly provides visitors with sneak access to high-tech machinery – which has been responsible for operating this venue since 1894.

It seems strikingly apparent that most visitors to London have heard of the Tower Bridge. Perhaps its because of its close to the famous River Thames and Big Ben. Either way, the area does have numerous advantages. For one, if you do decide to venture into London’s River Thames borough, you’ll find that you have access to a wide assortment of luxury hotels to choose from – among the many historical attractions. One of which is the Montcalm at the brewery London city hotel – one of the best accommodations London city has to offer.

Wherever you stay, what matters is that you make the right choices of visit. With a careful session of research and planning before you head out to the capital, you can create a meticulous itinerary which details what exactly it is that you plan to do on each of your days out in the city.

Tower Bridge London
Now, it’s likely that you won’t be able to be able to do everything you plan on doing – especially because we tend to overestimate how much we can do in a given day. But if you recognize that habit in yourself, and make the adjustment by only planning 3 or so attractions in a single day, you can you can enjoy a better balance between spontaneity and structure.

The Tower Bridge experience includes interactive displays and videos about the landmark, and its history alongside the River Thames – taking you through the development of the Tower bridge, exploring interesting pieces of information such as: how 50 designs were submitted before the London bridge was built, and how it took eight years to build with the aid of 432 construction workers.

Iconic View of Tower Bridge London
The East walkway provides you with an immersive view of the wealth of museums and historic monuments that surround the Thames, including the Tower of London and Big Ben. You’ll also be able to peer inside the Victorian engine rooms, which were once responsible for powering the Tower Bridge construction in its early days. Meaning, you will be able to see first-hand just how this attraction has developed over the century, as you’re exposed to the antiquated technologies that were once responsible for driving this attraction.

So, if you’re fascinated by architecture, or just simply want to learn more about this marvel of engineering, remember to visit this coming season.