Ways to be prepared for an emergency evacuation during a holiday


In our hectic fast paced lives, taking a well-earned break becomes an absolute necessity. It helps us to unwind and to de-stress while assisting in building a stronger bond with our loved ones. More importantly, it helps in spending quality time in pleasant surroundings, something which is highly unlikely when we are trying to maintain a balance between our professional and family life. More and more families are increasingly opting to spend the holidays away from their home city and travelling to distant lands and exotic locations.

In terms of popularity one city in Europe that is a hot favourite with overseas travellers is London. And this is with good reason too, as the city is a perfect blend of history with modernity. There are numerous tourist attractions all over the city which include magnificent palaces, museums, parks, art galleries, historic buildings and lots more to see. In terms of accommodation London city offers a wide variety of options for the millions of tourists who visit the city every year. The city offers the finest in luxury and boutique hotels for the rich with budget hotels, hostels, B&Bs etc. for those on a tighter budget.

For those seeking suitable accommodation, The Montcalm London City The Brewery Hotel offers numerous options as long as you make your reservations well in advance. To find a suitable hotel upon arrival can pose a few problems, especially during the tourist season and holidays. Wherever you plan to drop in for a holiday play it safe and make your reservations well before your trip.

Planning a vacation is always exciting and arriving at the destination is perhaps the most exhilarating bit. Amidst the fun and frolic we have during a holiday we generally do not expect anything to go wrong, especially like a calamity or natural disaster. Yet the fact is that most travellers who travel to areas prone to natural disasters are ill-prepared if not completely unprepared to handle such an occurrence. What is essential is to have an evacuation or contingency plan in place, in case we need to exit the place at short notice.

When we travel to certain areas at a particular time we should enquire about the seasonal and climatic conditions in that area for that part of the year. e.g. Travelling to S. E. Asia during the hurricane season. At times you are aware that there is the possibility of floods and other natural threats, but because the possibility seems very remote you are willing to risk it. In this and other threatening situations our personal safety needs to be our top priority. There are times when travellers on vacation to different parts of the world have needed to be evacuated in an emergency. It may seem like ruining a perfect holiday but being prepared for such an eventuality can save you a lot of further trouble. A few things to do to be prepared to evacuate when on holiday are:

Travel Insurance is a must
One of the most important things to do before you begin your trip is to get travel insurance. In case you need to be moved due to any occurrence, from the accommodation or hotel you are staying at, you might not be compensated for the loss. Therefore having travel insurance is a necessity for such unexpected situations and always ensure to read the fine print. Having travel insurance will guarantee that any unplanned or unexpected crises can be dealt with and you will not endure any monetary loss for no fault of your own. The only caveat is to read the details thoroughly, as some companies may not cover you if you travel in a particular season when a natural threat is likely. Remember all plans do not cover all situations and this needs to borne in mind when opting for an insurance provider.

Keep vital documents with you
You need to always have your vital travel documents with you when you travel. If for some reason you cannot make it to your hotel, at least you will have your passport, driver’s license and other important documents safe.

Follow instructions and remain Calm
In the event you need to be evacuated in a foreign land, follow the instructions given by the authorities and remain calm. Even if you holiday is ruined mid-trip it does not really matter as you would not want to be stuck in a place when disaster strikes. You and your family’s personal safety and well-being are of utmost priority and many more vacations can be taken later.

Use the services of a travel agent
Having a professional travel agent can be of immense hep especially when on a holiday. They can help to find the quickest and easiest ways to move out or find alternate arrangements to travel. Always use the services of a reputed and established travel agent.