Weekly Hash (Run)


London has a very enchanting history and an imperial heritage. The buildings and monuments in some part of the city take you back to a different era. London today is a very popular place for shopping it is also referred to as a paradise for the shoppers. It is home to various artists, singers, actors and designers. You name it and London has it. The city is full of excitement has things to do for everyone from various age groups.

Just like the Weekly Hash (Run) conducted at the Blackwood Arms, Common Lane, Littleworth Common, Beaconsfield SL1 8PP. This is a special program organized especially for drinkers who face difficulty in running. The sessions are commenced every Tuesday at a local club which is generally at a 10 mile radius from the HW town centre. All the members are supposed to follow a trail and no member will be left behind by the group.

At the end of each run all the members and the organizers will get back to the pub to enjoy a post-run drink. Anyone who is 14 and above is welcome to join and people below 18 are to be accompanied. Everyone should meet at 19:45 on April 3rd and will be free by 21:15. The fee of £1 will be exempted for the first session. For any further information you can send a mail on hash@hwh3.co.in.