It’s all well and good marketing your hotel as a “luxury” or boutique hotel, but what makes one stand out from the crowd? More and more hotels are trying to up their game as the demand for high quality rooms continues to grow, but staying true to your word is a different kettle of fish. As tourism increases in London to over 17 million a year, it’s not surprising that more and more people are looking for places to stay. Hotels like the Montcalm brewery hotel on Chiswell Street London are keeping the pace up with stellar rooms and service, but what lessons can other hotels learn from such a great example?

Concierge services

Concierge services

Part of great hotel services rests in the hands of its staff. A concierge must be able to accommodate guests needs at any time, meaning that they must be personable and friendly. Such stellar service is not always guaranteed, which is why boutique hotel concierges make sure that their guests get only the best recommendations on things to do in the city, acting as the face and voice of the hotel.

Helpful staff and friendly faces

This doesn’t mean that the rest of the hotel staff can sit back and relax. They must also be on top form and can engage with hotel guests on a friendly and informal level at the same time as doing their jobs to the standards set by the hotel. Whether you’re a gym attendant, a waiter or a cleaner, making sure that the guests feel comfortable and relaxed in every way possible should be top of the list after their main function as staff.


Killer Amenities

The irony in boutique city hotels is that the rooms are so kitted out with amenities that it’s hard to leave. Not only are the beds as comfy as a marshmallow on a cloud and the pillows the plushest they can be, but the TV has a wide range of channel choices and WIFI as fast as it gets. On top of this, there are a range of soaps and shampoo products for a relaxing shower or bath, not to mention a fully stocked minibar. Most luxury hotels will offer complimentary tea and coffee facilities, so the guest will have everything they need for a relaxing night in or a quick kickstart to a killer day out.

24 Hour fitness services

Guests should be able to work up a sweat whenever they want. With gym and spa services on site, you’ll have everything a guest will need for a well-rounded stay. Health and wellbeing should be the name of the game with these services. Guests should feel at home and free to enjoy services which make them feel so. Business travellers may want to unwind and find time to keep fit and relax.

A varied menu

Guests at boutique hotels will want variety in their meals, so providing not only a variety of dining options for all times of the day alongside bar services, but high quality and lovingly made food will help your hotel market itself as boutique. At the end of the day, “luxury” is a subjective concept, so catering to all tastes of your guests is necessary for a great stay and a great review.