What Kind of Shopper are you?


There are a lot of different kinds of shopping and, despite whatever stereotypes you may have heard, pretty much everyone enjoys doing it. It is all a matter of finding the kind of shopping you enjoy the best. Are you a techie, looking to peruse the latest phones and laptops? Are you a foodie hungry for the next exotic nibble? Perhaps you are the more traditional fashion shopper, out looking for the next great outfit and perhaps a bit of a bargain.

No matter what kind of shopping you are into, you can find it in London. Shopping in the City of London is one of the great delights of visiting London with options for anyone and everyone. So head on down, book yourself into the Montcalm Hotel London City, and have a fantastic time enjoying some of the best shopping that London has to offer.

The Gift Giver

At the end of any long trip comes a day of panic. The day when you realise you promised half your friends presents, and haven’t bought a single thing that wasn’t for yourself. On that day the Gift Giver emerges onto the streets of London, ready to pack their bags with every souvenir or affordable gift they can get their hands on. Places like covet garden are perfect for this kind of shopper.

The Hipster

The combination of cheap and stylish has a powerful allure. The areas of Brick Lane, in London’s East End; and Camden Town, to the north, are by far the best places to find all things hipster. Markets and off beat shops selling everything from second hand classics, to new interpretations on old masterpieces. You may have to do a bit of digging to find something truly great, but half the fun is in the searching.A neat tip is to stay close by, such as accommodation near Brewery Road, so you can easily get all of your great purchase home.

The Bargain Hunter

If you love the thrill of bargain hunting, be sure to get to Oxford Street. The high street stores may not seem the best place for a bargain, but by shopping along the street you will be sure to find a satisfying discount. The markets in places like Camden Town or Portobello Road are also pretty good if you are looking for a deal, although your mileage may vary.

The Foodie

London is a truly fantastic place for foodies. In addition to the many, many exquisite restaurants around the city, there are a large number of food markets all over London. Try brilliantly cooked food from anywhere in the world, gorge to your heart’s content, and all for a fantastically low price. Definite highlights are the lovely Borough Market, great for cheese and coffee, and Primrose Hill in the City of London, great for deli style food. No matter what you like to eat, there is a market out there for you.

The Gadget Junkie

This is my kind of shopping; I just can’t resist the rows and rows of shiny toys. The only thing that comes close is book shopping. Sadly London does not have a single specific tech district, but it does have some great alternatives. Spitalfields features a delicate mix of market stalls and permanent shops and restaurants. If you are looking for a decent discount on simple items that always seem overpriced, heading off the beaten path and into unbranded stores yields excellent results.