What makes the luxury hotel luxurious? Know from here


Our ears are used to of hearing luxury hotels without knowing the proper meaning of the 5 star boutique hotel services. So, it is important to know the important points of defining a 5 star luxury hotel or a boutique hotel. The world-renowned hotel servicing Gurus have described quite a few points while describing the true meaning of 5 star boutique hotel service.

Like other rating agencies, hospitality agency is being rated by Forbes also. But the rating of the hotels are not done in a clear view. Many-a-time a four star hotel categorises themselves as the luxury hotel. The main issue is the guests paying high amount must enjoy some of the basic standards in terms of service, room, dining and overall ambience to get that luxury tag. Few points are being described here to make a comfortable idea about the must haves of the luxury hotel.

Easy handling of the booking process:

It is important to offer easy handling of the booking process. Starting from luxury customers to budgeted ones, everyone looks for a simple way to book their desired hotel rooms and accommodations. If it is possible then offer a customised version of the booking application targeting luxury travellers.

Flexible check-in and check-out process:

Any luxury traveller hates in standing in the queue to get hold of their booked rooms or accommodations. So, a separate line for them or a single attendant for their help is important to settle them in their designated rooms within the 10 minutes of the arrival. Check-out process must be done in the manner to use minimum time and fast clearance of any bill related disputes within minutes.

The identical version of the rooms offered during booking:

It is always important to offer the same room provided during the booking time. Any luxury traveller would not settle down for any other rooms instead of the one chosen by them. All the specifications in the description of the room should be provided.

The features of the luxury rooms:

The luxury rooms are not luxury rooms just with the ‘luxury’ tag. It must be luxurious in it features. The view from the room, the specifications like high quality furnishings, neatly decorations, plush settings, attached amenities and etc. defines the room if it is a luxury one or an ordinary one.

The features of the luxury bathrooms:

The amenities available in the bathroom must define the luxury tag of the hotel. The placement of the useful accessories and items of a bathroom should be placed in the way beneficial for all type of luxury travellers.

Proper activity area with extra amenities:

It is important to have proper activity areas within the property wings and have an easy access to the travellers. The indoor and outdoor activity points, swimming pool, Spa service, fitness services are the amenities offered during the stay at the luxury places.

Premium services:

The guests are inclined to receive the luxurious touch at anything they have. So it is important to make them feel important during their stay.