Where did YOU travel in May?


You want to travel in May then you should know about the seasons in different parts of the world. Afterwards, you can decide where to go and plan your trip accordingly.

In Asia, you can visit some places at this time of year. Indonesia and Bali are worth thinking of as well as Japan which have pleasant weather in May. China can be a good choice if you choose the area according to your interests.

In Africa, inland areas in northern Africa are a good choice as heat of summer hasn’t arrived yet and you can visit deserts. Temperature is 25°C right now and humidity levels are tolerable.

In America, You can still visit Martinique, the Caribbean, Guadeloupe and the Bahamas before the rainy season starts. In South America you can visit Bolivia having rainy season ended. May is a very good time for the west coast of Mexico to visit.

In Europe, winter is going and autumn is coming, there is pleasant weather, many countries are starting to warm up and have clear sun. May is the nice time to visit western and southern Europe. Austria have sunny and dry climate, having general temperature above 20°C. In this month Scotland receives maximum sunshine, you can visit its countryside where its beauty has increased because of blossoming flowers. Hungary and Croatia have springtime at this time. Portugal has summers which are enjoyable; visitors can relax there and explore its beauty. England is cooler than other parts of Europe; it has temperature of 17C and is good to visit if one likes little cold.