Which are the Ten European Countries You Should Visit


Europe has so much to offer by way of its various attractions in different countries that it is well nigh impossible to see the entire offerings of all the countries. As such, an attempt has been made to shortlist ten countries that you should visit.

On top of the list is United Kingdom that has a lot to offer from London right up to Scotland via Wales while covering Lake District, Cambridge, Oxford, northern parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland’s thrilling beaches and the tempting fish and chips.

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Switzerland offers natural beauty of the majestic Alps, placid lakes, castles, museums, quaint villages, cosmopolitan cities, shopping, wine tasting, chocolates, cheeses and the superb cuisine.

France is much more than Eiffel Tower, Louvre and other well-known landmarks of Paris. It offers beautiful beaches along the Riviera, incredible scenery, historical and picturesque chateaus and even some great wildlife parks. Its other attractions include the rolling countryside of the Champagne region and the Chamonix Valley and French countryside with amazing French food and wine.

In Austria you can enjoy rolling hills, snow-capped Alps in the background and the crystal clear lakes. Apart from the cultural side, Austria has some beautiful medieval palaces along with some amazing modern architecture.
Germany has a lot to offer apart from its beauty such as its contribution to the world of classical music like Bach and Beethoven, played by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; a rich legacy of art and architecture; its gourmet food; the Oktoberfest which is a well-known beer festival in Germany; the Black Forest region and the fairy tale castles and the picturesque wine tours

Belgium offers fantastic chocolates and is the actual birth place of French fries. The old world charm of Belgium with its fairy tale castles and cobbled streets will leave you spellbound. Visit Ghent, the university town to see some stunning churches and evidence of its medieval history.

Netherlands offers the beautiful cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden and Delft that give a real Dutch feel. The attractions include Dutch food, Dutch beer, the works of the famous painters like Van Gogh and Rembrandt, the great outdoors, the sandy beaches, the canals, the world famous Tulip Gardens at Kuekenhoff and the miniature city of Madurodam.
The Vatican is the smallest country in the world with a population of 770. It is the home of the Pope since the 14th century and hence the spiritual centre of Roman Catholics the world over. Its attractions include Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel.

Italy offers fascinating architecture of the churches and cathedrals, Italian cuisine; high fashion shopping, the annual Art Festival, historic monuments, designer shopping, its unique canals and gondolas, its art and architecture and the Isle of Capri including the Blue Grotto.

The Czech Republic is a paradise for people who love gardens and parks. Its attractions include the historical cities of Karlovy Vary, its curative springs and hundreds of medicinal spas, the castles and chateaux, its hospitable and friendly people, Europe’s finest breweries and Prague, which possibly is one of the world’s most beautiful and cultured cities and a hub for music and art.